Bulk Discount & Sales Manager helps you to setup and manage sales or a price increase campaign with ease.

Watch the video guide:

Discount Rules Naming and Checkout Label Setup

  1. To start of creating a Sales/Price increase campaign, key in the Rule name.
  1. OPTIONAL: Next, you can key in the custom checkout label name. This label will be displayed at the customer’s cart upon checkout. If this field is left blank, the name that was keyed in Step 1 will be used instead.

Discount/Price Increase Type Setup

  1. Choose the type of campaign that you would like to run:
  • Discount – Discount the products selected (in Step 5) with a fixed amount ($) or by percentage (%) based on their current price or compared at price.

    Example of Discount:
    If Price = $200

Discount = 10%. Results:

  • Price Increase – Increase the price of the products selected (in Step 5) with a fixed amount ($) or by percentage (%).Example of

    Price Increase:
    If Price = $200

Price increase = 10%. Results:

  • Discount to fixed amount – This will discount all selected products (in step 5) into the fixed amount set here:

Example of discount to fixed amount:
If Price = $200

Discount to fixed amount = $29.99. Results:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the actual price is lower than the fixed
amount, no discounts will be made.

Discount Based On

  1. You can based your discounts on either:
    • The Current Price or
    • Compared at Price of a product:

Applies T

  1. You can apply the discounts or price increase to:
  • Products and Variants
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Vendors
  • Whole Store
  • Advance Filter (use advance filters so that you can select/exclude products/variants based on a multiple criteria instead of just 1):

Optional Settings

  1. You can even setup sales/price increase campaigns in advance to apply the discounts/price increase automatically by:
    • Setting up a one time date range:
  • A weekly recurring discount by select the start and end day of the week:
  • A monthly recurring sales that occur on specific dates of each month:
  • You can also create a sense of urgency among your customers to purchase within a certain time period by setting up the Countdown Timer.

Product Tagging

  1. You can add a tag to all the products in your sales/price increase campaign. Tags will be added to the products once the campaign starts,
  • If you want to remove the tag after you had added it during campaign setup, click on the “x” beside the tag.