You can now create urgency for your sales campaign by displaying a countdown timer in the product page of the discounted items. You can refer to the following step-by-step guide on how to setup the countdown timer:

  1. The Countdown Timer can be enabled by either
    • creating a new Discount Rule or
    • edit existing rule(s).
  1. While creating/editing a discount rule, turn on the toggle switch for Countdown timer.
  1. Select the Select button the the app will redirect you to a sample product page to continue with the configuration:
  1. At the product page, hold on to the Shift key on your keyboard and select the position where you want to display the countdown timer on the product:

Once a position is selected, you are required to select if the Countdown timer should display above the selected element or below the selected element. For this tutorial, Above element is selected:

Once the position is selected, an indicator will display on screen to notify you of the position you had selected.

  1. Click on Save to continue:
  1. Once the configuration is successfully selected, Selected will be indicated on screen. If you would like to change the position after selection, click on the Change button. If you wish to remove the Countdown timer, select Clear.
  1. Once the position of the Countdown timer is selected, you can proceed to setup the following options:
  • Insert a message for the countdown timer. The message will be placed on top of the timer.
  • Select the countdown timer’s design:
  • Setup the text color of the countdown timer.
  • Setup the the color of the timer.
  • Select Left, Center or Right alignment for your Countdown Timer.
  • Setup the size of the timer.
  1. You can setup the start date and time when the countdown timer will appear:
  • Select Start Date base on Sales Campaign’s Start Date if you want the Countdown Timer to start the countdown based on the campaign’s start date.
  • Select Other Start Date if you want the countdown timer to appear on a later date and time. Coundown timer will appear from the date and time set here.
  1. You can then setup the end date and time that the countdown timer will countdown to:
  • Select End Date Ends of Sales Campaign’s End Date if you want the Countdown Timer to countdown to the sales campaign’s end date. This option will not be selectable if your Sales Campaign doesn’t have an End Date.

    Select Other End Date if you want the Countdown Timer to countdown to a customized date. If this is selected, setup the End date and End time in item g.
  • If you want the countdown timer to count towards a customize date, please select Other End Date option.
  1. Once the Sales Campaign is activated, it should display immediately in your product page. The countdown timer will only display in the products/variants select in the Discount Rules: