You can now generate multiple discount code with ease with our Discount Code Generator. To start, click on Generate Bulk Discount Codes to start:

Step 1 – Discount Set Title

To create a set of discount codes, you are required to provide a name to the discount set at the Discount Set Title field:

Step 2 – Discount Codes

Next, you are required to select one of the following option:

  1. Random Discount Codes – This will generate a set of random discount codes based on the following criteria:
  • Number of Codes – Total number of codes you would like to generate in this set (maximum of 7000 codes).
  • Code Length – The length of the code (minimum of 1 to maximum of 40).
  • Allowed Characters – You can select if it randomly generates Letters and numbers, letters only or numbers only.
  • Prefix – This is an optional step. Keep blank if not in use. You can set a prefix code for your discount codes. All codes, will start with the prefix before generating the actual code. NOTE: Code length set in (b) will not affect the Prefix. Example, if the code BFCM is set in Prefix, the discount code will start with BFCM follow by the randomly generated code.
  • Prefix – This is an optional step. Keep blank if not in use. You can set a suffix code for your discount codes. All codes, will end with the prefix before generating the actual code. NOTE: Code length set in (b) will not affect the Suffix.

Important Note: Both Prefix and Suffix can be active at the same time.

  • Includes separator(s) within the code – This is an optional step. Enabling this checkbox will allow you to set separators for your discount code.
  • Separator character(s) – The character to act as the separator for the codes. In this example, we use the default value of “-“.
  • Separator Interval – The number of codes before the separator is applied. Please note the separator will not be applied to the Prefix or the Suffix.
    If you wish to apply separator after a prefix or suffix, tick on Includes separator after prefix and/or Includes separator after suffix it will place the separator character setup in (i) and place it after a prefix and before a suffix:
  • Preview – A preview on how the code will look like. Click on See another to see another sample of the code.
  1. Custom discount codes – Key in the codes that you wish to be import as discount codes:

If a code exists in the Shopify Admin > Discount Code, the app will skip the existing code and continues with the next one and we will indicate how many duplicated codes:

Limitation: CSV Import is currently not available in this version. This feature is scheduled to be release in mid-February 2022.

Step 3 – Discount Value

  1. Discount Type – Select if these set of discount codes are percentage based or $ base.
  2. Discount Value – Depending on the option selected in 1, set the % or $ discounts will be applied when these set of discount codes are used.
  3. Applies To – When the discount codes are used during checkout, discounts will be
    applied to the Entire Order, based on collections or certain products and variants.

Step 4 – Minimum Requirements

  1. None – No requirements are needed to use these discount codes.
  2. Minimum purchase amount – Minimum amount you are required to purchase before you can apply these discount codes.
  3. Minimum quantity of items – Minimum quantity that are required to be added into cart before discount codes could be applied.

Step 5 – Customer Eligibility

  1. Everyone – These discount codes could be use by all customers.
  2. Specific groups of customers & Specific Customers – These discount codes could only be used by specific customers which are setup on Shopify Admin > Customers:

Step 6 – Usage Limits

  1. Limit number of times this discount can be used in total – The maximum amount of times these discount codes could be use in total.

Example: If 20 is keyed into this field and 10 codes are generated, each of these codes could be used a 20 times.

  1. Limit to one use per customer – If this option is selected, each discount code in the set could be used 1 time per customer.

Step 7 – Active Date

  1. Start Date & Start Time – You can set the start date and time of the discount codes’ validity date.
  2. Set End Date – Select this option to setup the expiry date and time of the discount codes.
  3. Save – Click on Save to generate the discount sets

Discount Code Status

When the codes are generating, the status will show as Generating:

Once it is generated, it will show Generated <number> codes

View Generated Discount Code

You can view the generated discount code by selecting on the discount sets you had just generated and then proceed to select View Discount Codes

Profanity Filter

The discount generator had an inbuilt profanity filter for Random Discount Code option. We will filter off any English profanity from being generated randomly.

If you are uploading Discount Codes via Custom Discount Code option, and a profanity keyed in:

A warning will be prompted highlighting the affected codes. Should you wish to proceed to upload the code, just click on OK to proceed.