Starting from 8th March 2021, the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager will now show the discount details during checkout. You may refer to the following screenshots for the changes made:

  1. This row will display the discounted price.
  2. Original price will be strike-off
  3. The name of the Sales Rules will be displayed here. If the item is featured in multiple sales rules, we will use the earliest sales rules.
  1. Discounted value of the item is shown here.

This new feature is currently in BETA version. It had been tested to work on all standard Shopify themes such as:

  • Debut
  • Minimal
  • Brooklyn
  • Boundless
  • Venture
  • Simple
  • Express
  • Narrative
  • Supply

This feature is Shopify Themes related. If you are using a customized theme or a purchased theme and the feature is not showing, kindly contact our support at and we will assist accordingly.