An analytics report is added to the Discount Manager on 24 March 2021. Merchants can now review their discount rules performance with this analytics report. Please refer to the following explanation of the report:

SPECIAL NOTE: Analytics Report will only capture orders after 24 March 2021.

  1. Date Range Selector – Select the date range of the report.
  1. Refresh – The values should be auto populated a few minutes after an order/refund is made. If you can’t see the value, please click on Refresh button to load it into the report.
  1. Export all to CSV File – Selecting this button will export the report to a CSV file.
  1. Name – The name of the discount rules. All discount rules will be displayed in the analytics report.
  1. Discount Type – The discount type selected for the discount rules: Percentage or Fixed Amount.
  1. Orders – The number of orders made for this discount rules. If an order consists of multiple items from different discount rules, it will be counted as 1 order each for the different discount rules. You may refer to the following example:


Order #1001
Item 1 – Red T-Shirt (Discount Rules: Black Friday)
Item 2 – Blue T-Shirt (Discount Rules: Seasonal Sale)

Based on the example above, both discount rules, Black Friday and Seasonal Sale has 1 order each displayed.

  1. Gross Sales – Total sales taken from the Compare to Price.
  1. Discounts – Total discounts from the discount rules applied to the order.
  1. Returns – Refunds and Order Cancellation
  1. Net Sales – The net sales after deducting discounts and returns (Gross Sales – Discount – Returns)
  1. Dropdown Icon – Selecting the dropdown icon will show the order list of orders tied to the discount rules: