The dashboard has 3 sections:

1. Announcements

  • The Announcements section will show all the app related announcements such as new updates, scheduled maintenance and useful tips.
  • The Announcements will display the 5 latest announcements. If you wish to view more announcements, click on Show More:
  • To read the details of the announcements, simply click on the announcement and it will show the full details:
  • If you had read the announcement and would like to dismiss it, click on the x icon to remove it from the board.

2. Top Selling Sales Rules

  • You can now see what are your top selling sales rules:
  • You can sort it ascending/descending by values:
  • Or quantities:
  • To see the details, select View Analytics Report and it will bring you to the Analytic Report page.

3. Discount Rules Expiring Soon

This section will show you the discount rules that will be expiring soon within the selected period: