IMPORTANT: The discounted percentage/value will only be displayed on products that has an existing sales rules in the app. It will not be displayed if merchants manually adjusted the price on the Shopify Admin > Products page. Please also note that this feature will not show for price increases.

In most Shopify themes, discounted products will only show the discounted price and the original price on the product page:

You can show the discounted percentage or value on the product page:

To do that, first go to Settings and turn on Display show discount value:

Next, select if you want to display discount % or discount value:

Once selected, choose the text color for the Compare at Price, Price (discounted price) and the discounted %/value:

With the colors selected, at Select Price text as label on product click on the Select button:

Hold the “Shift” key and then select the position of the Price label on you product page:

Repeat the same steps for Select Compare at price and Select discount value selectors: