To create urgency, you can add a quantity remaining label onto your product page that shows the remaining quantities if this product/variant is in an active discount/price increase rule:

To setup the Quantity Remaining label, go to Settings:

Enable Display quantity remaining toggle button:

The following options will then be displayed. You are required to setup step 4.

  1. Label to be displayed at Product Page – You can customize the words of the label. Should you wish to customize it to your own words, please ensure to use [Q] to display the remaining quantities of the variant/product.
  2. Text Color – Customize the color of the label’s text to represent your brand.
  3. If this option is enabled, the label will only be displayed once the quantity setup is reached. For example if “5” is setup, the label will only be displayed when the inventory of the variant/product reaches 5.
  4. Select Quantity remaining label on product page – You are required to setup your desired position of the Quantity Remaining label on the product page. You are required to do this everytime you change your themes. To setup, click on the Select button:

You will be brought to a Product page. Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and select the position that you wish to place the label:

IMPORTANT: If you are still unable to see the label after setting up, please contact the support.