How To Add In-Store Pickup For Shopify

In-store pickup is a great way to offer customers the convenience of shopping online while still being able to pick up their purchases in person. It can also help you save on shipping costs. Shopify statistics show at least 59% of customers are interested in the in-store pickup option. 

For clarity, in-store pickup is sometimes referred to as click and collect, curbside pickup, and local pickup. If you want to give your customers the option to pick up their orders from your shop instead of having them delivered, you can do so by adding in-store pickup to your Shopify checkout. 

Before You Start

There are several things you need to have in place before you learn how to add in-store pickup to your Shopify store.

Check Your Eligibility

Before you can offer in-store pickup, you need to check if your shop meets Shopify’s requirements. You are eligible if you have 20 or fewer locations, and if you have Multi-Origin Shipping enabled (if you have multiple locations).

Activate Multi-Origin Shipping

Multi-Origin Shipping is enabled by default if you have two or more stores. But if you have one store or don’t have a Shipping Profile, you are most likely using Single-Origin Shipping

To switch to Multi-Origin Shipping, go to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to “Settings” on the bottom left of the menu. From there, click “Shipping and Delivery” to open up a new menu.

Under the “Shipping” section, click the “Manage” button and you’ll see a “Shipping from” section. This is where you’ll find the “Activate multi-origin shipping” option. Click this and then tap “Save” to confirm your switch. Take note that you cannot switch back to Single-Origin Shipping after this.

Review Your Locations

To properly set up the in-store pickup option, make sure each of your locations’ information is up to date. Review these details::

  • Check Names and Addresses: Ensure each of your locations has the correct name and address, because it will be displayed to customers during checkout.
  • Fulfill Online Orders: To include a location in the pickup option, make sure to tick the box, “Fulfill online orders from this location”. 
  • Update Fulfillment Priority: In the “Locations” tab, go to the “Location Priority” section and check whether you need to rearrange your stores according to priority fulfillment. For example, the store that currently has the lowest stock levels should be at the bottom tier.
  • Check Stock Inventory: Have a look at your stock levels and update your inventory at each location. If a certain item is out of stock in a particular store, the pickup option for that product will not appear.

Adding In-Store Pickup For Shopify

Step 1: Enable Local Pickup

Now that you’re locations are good to go, how do you add in-store pickup to Shopify? From your dashboard, head to the “Settings” menu and click “Shipping and delivery”. Scroll down until you see the “Local pickup” section.

You’ll see your store locations listed here. Notice the “Doesn’t offer pickup” label on the right? You can change that by clicking directly on the location you want to enable. This will bring up a new menu, where you’ll find the check box, “This location offers pickup”. Simply tick this box to enable in-store pickup at this location.

Step 2: Confirm Information at Checkout

Once you have enabled local pickup, new sections will appear in the same window. You will see “Information at checkout” and “Order ready for pickup notification”.

For “Information at checkout”, you just need to confirm the expected pickup time. Choose your ideal option from the scroll menu. This section will also give you a preview of how your pickup location will appear to customers. If your location details are incorrect, you’ll need to go back to your location settings to update them.

For “Order ready for pickup notification”, simply input any instructions to the customer in the text box provided. You are allowed up to 255 characters.

Step 3: Click “Save”

Once you’re done with all the above, make sure to click “Save” to confirm your pickup location. When you review your “Local pickup” section again, it will reflect the change.

Adding a Shopify Curbside Pickup App

While the process of how to add in-store pickup for Shopify is simple, it does have limitations. For instance, you do not get full visibility on your pickup orders, and there are no detailed options like setting the minimum deposits for pickup. 

Fortunately, you can enjoy more customizable options if you add an app dedicated to curbside pickup or the click and collect strategy.

Step 1: Browse the App Store

To add a curbside pickup app, go to Shopify’s official App Store.  Click on the “Apps by goal” tab on the top navigation bar of the site, then click on “Deliver the goods”. This will redirect you to a new page with apps that offer pickup options.

On the new page, scroll down further until you get to the “Offer local pickups and deliveries” section. Click on the green arrow icon with the label “Pickup and delivery apps”. This will take you to a new page on the website.

Once again, scroll down this new page until you reach the “In-store pickups” section. You will see another green arrow icon on the right with the label “All apps”. Click on this and you will finally be taken to the list of apps that offer in-store pickup.

Step 2: Add the App

There are many apps to choose from, so make sure to research and pick the right one for your business. For this example, we chose the ProPickup app, as it is our recommended choice and offers a 14-day free trial.

To add the app, simply click on the app’s store page. You will see the “Add app” and “View demo store” options, along with the app’s highlight features. 

If you want to preview the app’s functions before purchasing it, you can click on “View demo store”. This will redirect you to a dummy store page with a demo order so that you can preview your store’s appearance with the app activated. 

When you’ve made your final decision, click on “Add app” to officially add it to your Shopify dashboard. 

Step 3: Access the App

To view the app, simply go back to your Shopify dashboard. On the left panel, click on  “Apps” and then find the app you just purchased. This will redirect you to the app’s dashboard.

For ProPickup, there is a quick guide available on how to set up your store locations. Just click on the “Instruction” tab. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to add locations to the app.

Unlike Shopify’s standard in-store pickup functions, ProPickup offers more customizable features like deposits and conditions, a design editor for the pickup button, and detailed order tracking reports.

Configuring In-store Pickup Only

You have the option to assign certain locations as in-store pickup only. This means that customers will only be able to select local pickup for orders placed at those locations. This is another convenience you can offer, and is a sales strategy gaining in popularity. A CNBC report noted that Walmart garnered an estimated $20.4 billion in sales for click-and-collect orders in 2021.

Configuring pickup-only locations is as simple as enabling in-store pickup for Shopify.

Step 1: Enable Online Orders

The first step is to make sure your chosen location can fulfill online orders. To do this, head to the “Locations” menu from “Settings”. Click on the location to open up the details. Here, you will see the check box, “Fulfill orders from this location”. Click on it to enable online orders for that area. 

Step 2: Remove Rates

The next thing to do is to go to the “Shipping and delivery” menu from “Settings”. Under the “Shipping” section, you will see your Shipping Profile and the button “Manage” on the right side. Click on “Manage” for the next step. 

Once you click “Manage”, a new menu will appear. Scroll down to the “Shipping from” section and tap “Show details”. This will drop down a list of your locations.

Navigate to the location you want and click the “Manage” button beside it. Then from there, select the “Remove rates” option. Be sure to click “Save” after that to reflect the changes. With this, you have successfully assigned a pickup-only location!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate click and collect on Shopify?

“Click and collect” is simply another term for in-store pickup. To enable click and collect on Shopify, simply follow the same steps on how to add in-store pickup for Shopify in this article. 
However, Shopify’s standard local pickup settings may be limited. If you are looking for a way to customize your in-store pickup functions, we recommend trying the ProPickup app, which has more features dedicated to your click and collect Shopify strategy. You can try it out for free from the official Shopify marketplace.

Is there a Shopify curbside pickup app?

Yes, there are several Shopify curbside pickup apps available for download at Shopify’s official marketplace. While the term “curbside pickup” essentially means in-store pickup or local pickup, you can activate this through your Shopify dashboard. The process for how to add in-store pickup for Shopify is easy, and can be found in this article. Some Shopify stores go with apps because they provide more functionalities. You can try Shopify’s ProPickup app, which enables curbside pickup, and features detailed order tracking, minimum order deposits, and 24/7 support.  

Is there a pickup-only option on Shopify?

Yes, you can assign certain locations as pickup-only on Shopify. Activating this involves enabling online orders from your chosen location and removing the rates on that location. 

Yes, you can assign certain locations as pickup-only on Shopify. Activating this involves enabling online orders from your chosen location and removing the rates on that location.