How To Add Tiered Pricing On Shopify

Introducing a tiered pricing Shopify structure throughout your online store will allow you to offer customised deals to suit the different shopping habits of your customers. 

Tiered pricing means you can apply various discounts that are then activated when sales meet specific values or quantities. Within a tiered pricing Shopify model, you can mix and match discounts to increase the reduced rate as the total sale increases.

Adding tiered pricing to your online store is easier than it sounds. We’ll uncover how to get tiered pricing Shopify using Shopify basic settings, as well as how to get tiered pricing Shopify through an integrated app. 

Tiered Pricing: Shopify Basic Settings vs Shopify App

Applying tiered pricing Shopify through basic settings versus using an integrated Shopify app has a number of differences. 

Shopify built-in ‘Discount’ settings: Shopify has recently updated its discount settings to allow discount combinations. You can integrate a tiered pricing Shopify structure through a choice of basic discount options in the settings. 

Integrated Shopify discount app: There are a number of apps that have been specifically designed to apply discounts throughout your online store. There’s only one extra step than using Shopify’s built-in settings, which is adding the app, then you’ll gain access to more features than with basic, such as an intuitive discount management dashboard, fully-customizable displays, 24/7 support, and more. 

We’ll guide you through how to get tiered pricing Shopify using both the built-in settings and via a discount app so you can decide which will integrate better with your online store. 

Find Out How To Get Tiered Pricing Shopify

Adding a tiered pricing structure to your online store can be achieved via two different methods, Shopify built-in settings or an integrated Shopify app. 

Part One: Using Shopify Built-In Discounts Settings

In your Shopify admin section, go to ‘Discounts’ in the left-hand menu bar. 

Click ‘Create Discount’ and choose between the following discounts:

  • Amount off products
  • Amount off order
  • Buy x get y

Each will activate a tiered pricing Shopify structure, but there isn’t a streamlined way to do so, unlike using an integrated app. 

Here’s how to activate your tiered pricing Shopify using the ‘buy x get y’ option: 

In your Shopify admin section, go to ‘Discounts’ in the left-hand menu bar. 

Click ‘Create Discount’ and choose ‘Buy X Get Y’ product discount. 

You’ll then have the following options to select: 

  • Method: discount code or automatic discount
  • Purchase type: Minimum quantity of items or minimum purchase amount
  • Amount & value: How many items the customer must add to their cart to get a percentage discount value or free product 
  • Customer eligibility: All, specific customer segments, or specific customers
  • Maximum discount uses: Limit number of times this discount can be used in total or limit to one use per customer
  • Combinations: No combinations, combine with other product discounts, or combine with shipping discounts
  • Active days: Set a start and end date 

Save the product and your buy x get y Shopify discount will be applied throughout your online store. 

Part Two: Using A Shopify Discounts App

Shopify has a number of discount apps available in the Shopify app store. 

Follow these steps to set up a tiered pricing Shopify sale using Quantity Breaks & Discounts:

Go to Apps in the left-hand menu pane of your admin dashboard and you’ll see ‘Quantity Breaks & Discounts’. When you click on the app, you’ll see your discount dashboard. 

Click ‘create tier’ and select ‘volume discount’. 

You’ll then get the option to choose from a range of options (there are examples of what each one means if you’re unsure): 

  • Apply volume discounts to: Same products regardless of variants or same variants only 
  • Discount setting: Apply discount on each product or apply discount on total value 
  • Tier Conditions: Choose between applying a discount (by % or $) when a certain number of items are added to the cart OR based on the total value of the cart
  • Apply the discount to: Specific products/variants, collections, tags, vendors, all available products, or your entire store
  • Select products: Select which products are eligible from the product list 
  • Customize your discount appearance
  • Restrict by: Locations, timeframes

Select ‘create tiered pricing’ and your discounts will be applied throughout your store, with your visual table on display where the discount is eligible. 

Benefits of a Shopify Discounts App

Choosing an app like Quantity Breaks & Discounts to apply your tiered pricing Shopify structure has a number of advantages. After all, the app has been specifically designed to make applying discounts smooth and simple. 

1. Simple Dashboard

When you have completed each step on how to get tiered pricing Shopify using the app, you’ll find all your discounts in one simple dashboard, where you can easily manage your tiered pricing Shopify structure in one place. 

You can also enable, disable, and edit discounts in bulk – a beneficial management feature when implementing tiered pricing Shopify. 

2. 1-Click Upsell

Add a call to action that encourages customers to buy more products to get a discount. 1-Click upsell automatically adds the required number of products to the user’s cart on click and can be fully customized to suit your store.

3. Avoid unexpected double discounts

In order to prevent low-profit sales, using an app will block additional discount codes for already discounted products at the checkout by default. You don’t need to facilitate any complex coding to enable it, the app will integrate with your Shopify theme and automatically block it. 

4. Product tags

You can add a unique product tag to all products that have discounts available. This helps organize your tiered pricing Shopify structure throughout your store and highlights discounts to make them stand out more to customers. 

Final Thoughts

Both Shopify’s built-in settings and a Shopify app will activate a tiered pricing Shopify structure for your online store. The biggest difference is the intuitive dashboard that you can access via an app to simplify the management process. 

Using a specifically-designed, integrated Shopify app not only adds the discount but does the marketing for you. Through customized features that promote the discount across your online store, you will boost sales without needing an additional marketing budget. 

Whichever method you choose, you’ll be adding value to your offer and enjoy a number of benefits in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add tiered pricing to my online store?

Multi-level discounts benefit your store in a number of ways. Some of these include: 
– Gives your customers the flexibility to choose what fits their needs and budget
– Attract new customers & re-engage existing ones
– Persuade customers to buy more
– Improve cash flow
– Shift slow-moving inventory 

Will adding a discount app slow down the speed of my website? 

We can’t speak for all apps, but using Quantity Breaks & Discounts won’t slow down how fast your online store operates. If you were facing any issues with your website in correlation to using the app, you will have access to 24/7 support from a service engineer to resolve the issue. 

When choosing an app from the Shopify app store, read the customer reviews. This is a telling way to understand how an app really works, and will likely mention if website speeds have been impacted because of the app if a common issue. 

Is it necessary to customize the design of discounts? 

Customizing the design of how your tiered pricing structure will appear to customers is a low-cost marketing technique and will promote the discount across your store without needing to spend your marketing budget.

When you design how you would like your discount to appear to your customers, you are creating eye-catching displays that will lead to bigger sales. 
You won’t need to be a graphic designer to make the most of this feature either. With Quantity Breaks & Discounts, you will have access to a template designer that will assist you in creating a discount offer table that matches your company brand.