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Three in one shipping methods for your stores: Shipping, Local Delivery and Store Pickup. Let your customers select the most suitable shipment.


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Quick Setup & Simple Interface

Quickly add store pickup and local delivery options to your cart page.

Provide In-Store Pickup Option

Let your customers buy online and pickup orders in-store. This will save customers money and your time. Customers are able to choose their pickup date and time that you have set for available.

Provide Local Delivery Option

Let your customers select their delivery date and time for receiving their orders. You are able to set and offer unlimited delivery slots at each store location. Auto detect delivery area and set max radius distance validation.

Mobile Friendly Interface

ProPickup will work flawlessly on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Simple Location Management

Easily manage orders, export, print and filter.

24/7 Shopify Support

If you ever need assistance with installing or adjusting our apps to fit your store, we offer 24/7 support for all users.

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App Features

Store Pickup and Local Delivery application is a great solution for both multi-location and single location businesses. With our app, you can offer a variety of shipping methods, so your customers can choose the one that best fits their case.

What you can do with our app?

Collect in store options:

  • Set up your date/time rules so customers can schedule their preferred pickup date and time.
  • With our app, you also can set different Lead times for different days of the week.
  • Limits the number of pickup orders per slot.
  • Further functionality such as Cutoff time, Max number of days that customers are allowed to pick up.
  • Conditional pickup based on order total or quantity.
  • Find the nearest pickup point with Google API keys.

Delivery option:

  • Customers can select the date and time that they want to be delivered.
  • Set max radius distance validation.
  • Limit your delivery area by postal code or zip code.
  • Cutoff time, lead time features are also available in the delivery option.
  • Merchants can limit the number of delivery orders per day.
  • Different delivery rates based on cart weight or price.

Shipping option:

  • You can disable the standard shipping option of Shopify in case you don’t do the shipping option.
  • Add shipping tag feature will help you to sort out your normal shipping orders on your Shopify admin panel.

Inventory function:

  • The first inventory option is that you can link locations on the app with your Shopify locations, so it can check the availability of items on each location.
  • Or you can use the Inventory by Product tags feature, so you can limit certain items to be available in certain locations only.
  • In case you do not want the app to check the inventory of the items, you can disable the Inventory feature.

Additional features:

  • Blackout date feature.
  • Send notification email to store admin and customers after every complete order.
  • The number of locations on the app can be greater than your Shopify location.
  • A detailed report which is exportable and printable.

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