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Increase sales with Quantity and Tiered discount pricing. Apply to products, collections or your whole store.


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Create Quantity or Tiered Pricing

Set up a discount for multiple items as a percentages or a fixed amount.

Quickly apply tiered pricing

Apply tiered pricing to a single product, whole collection or store wide.

Fully customizable to suit your store.

We include template designs to get you started and allow for complete customization.

No coding required

The app works with any theme and doesn’t require any manual modifications during the installation or app usage.

App Features

  • Give discounts for multiple product variants
    Choose whether a customer can buy multiple product variants with a discount or only their similar variants.
  • Show customers how much money they could save
    Display the amount of money your customers could save while buying several products at a time on the cart page.
  • Choose the best widget location
    Define the right place for the widget on the product page to catch your customers’ attention.
  • Fully customizable design to suit all tastes
    Match the color and style of tiered pricing messages individually for your store, or set out-of-the-box templates.
  • Dedicated text messages
    Edit text messages for offers on special days: Christmas Sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.
  • No product duplicates
    A quantity discount gets applied to chosen products in the cart. Your inventory is always in order.
  • Save your advertising budget
    Stop spending money trying to call out for new customers. While offering discounts to active customers, you double your average order value easily and get more items sold at once.
  • Convert slow-moving and excess inventory into profit
    Want to update your range of products? Sell slow-moving inventory with volume discounts. “Buy one get one” special offers without extra effort!
  • Motivate wholesalers
    Applying volume discounts in your store, you will certainly find your wholesale customers who can close your sales plan with just one order.
  • Holiday promotions
    Holidays are a great opportunity to sell more and apply discounts to get even more profit. Want to arrange a Christmas sale? Discounts are what you need!

24/7 Customer Support

If you ever need assistance with installing or using our apps, we offer 24/7 customer and technical support to all users.

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