Shopify Pre-Order Manager

Automatically add a ‘Pre-Order’ button to your store for out-of-stock or pre-sale products. Capture more sales and test products before launch.

Seamless Pre-Order Management

Designed to enable and streamline your pre-order process, offering a suite of comprehensive settings and features that cater to both your business needs and your customer’s expectations.

Here’s how we make pre-ordering a breeze:
✅ In-depth Pre-Order Settings
✅ Dynamic Discounts
✅ Scheduled Pre-Orders
✅ Estimated Shipping Dates
✅ Pre-Order Badges
✅ Pre-Order Opt-in


Comprehensive Pre-Order Settings

Tailor your pre-order strategy with an array of customizable options. From setting quantity limits to scheduling start and end dates, our app gives you the control you need to manage pre-orders effectively.

Here are a few of the many powerful settings you can configure with the Shopify Pre-Order Manager:

🛍️ Dynamic Discounts: Boost your pre-order sales with attractive discounts. Entice customers to order ahead of time by offering special price reductions, enhancing both your sales volume and customer satisfaction.

📅 Scheduled Pre-Orders: Plan your pre-orders with precision. Set specific start and end dates for your pre-order campaigns to align with your inventory management and marketing strategies.


Full and Partial Payment Options

Make it it easier for customers to commit to a purchase by paying a portion upfront. This feature not only boosts customer convenience but also increases the likelihood of pre-order sales.

Customize your payment strategy even further by applying partial payment options to specific product variants. This targeted approach allows for greater flexibility in managing your inventory and catering to different customer needs.


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Build Product Launch Hype

Elevate Anticipation with ‘Coming Soon’. Heighten interest in new releases and provides a comprehensive preview of what’s to come, allowing customers to plan their purchases in advance.

Replace ‘Buy Now’ Buttons: Switch out the standard ‘Buy Now’ buttons with ‘Coming Soon’ versions to spark curiosity and anticipation.

Fully Customizable: Enjoy complete control over the design and messaging of your ‘Coming Soon’ buttons.

Show on Products and Variants: Extend the ‘Coming Soon’ excitement to both products and their variants, making it easy for customers to discover all upcoming offerings in one glance.

Integrate Pre-Order Calendars: Add an extra layer of anticipation and incorporate pre-order calendars to give customers a clear view of release dates and availability.


Back-in-Stock Alerts

Collect Customer Emails: Build your email list effortlessly by collecting customer emails directly through the back-in-stock notification sign-up. This not only helps in sending timely restock alerts but also opens up avenues for future marketing campaigns.

Automatically Alerts When Stock Arrives: Eliminate the need for manual updates with automated alerts. As soon as your products are back in stock, registered customers receive a notification, ensuring they never miss out on purchasing their desired items.

Gauge Product Interest: Utilize back-in-stock sign-ups to measure interest in specific products. This valuable data can guide inventory decisions, helping you prioritize restocking based on customer demand.

Encourage Return Customers: By notifying customers when their desired products are available again, you not only meet their immediate needs but also encourage them to return to your store, fostering loyalty and repeat business.


Efficiently Manage Pre-Orders

Integrated Orders Management: Pre-orders seamlessly appear alongside regular orders on your main Orders page for centralized management.

One-Click Pre-Order Toggle: Easily enable or disable pre-orders for your products with a single click, offering flexibility in your sales strategy.

Bulk Product Settings: Apply pre-order settings to multiple products at once, saving time and ensuring consistency across your inventory.

CSV Data Export: Export pre-order data into a CSV file for convenient analysis and record-keeping.

Insightful Analytics: Access sales charts and product reports to monitor pre-order performance and make data-driven decisions.


Trusted by Shopify Experts

How Merchants are succeeding with the Pre-Order Manager

AUTOID, a leading provider of aftermarket automotive parts, faced a significant challenge when COVID-19 caused freight delays and stock shortages, making it difficult to keep up with customer demand. However, the company found a solution in pre-orders, which allowed them to continue selling products while managing inventory more effectively. Pre-orders also shaped AUTOID’s business model,…

MissionMercantile, a high-end leather goods retailer, found success in implementing a pre-order system to manage their inventory and customer demand. Pre-orders have resulted in an additional 20% of store revenue for MissionMercantile and improved communication with customers by providing back-in-stock dates for popular products. Pre-orders also allow them to keep selling both popular and specialty…

Eastwood Guitars, a renowned guitar manufacturer, was able to significantly boost their revenue by implementing pre-order processes. With pre-orders, they were able to secure an additional 20% of store revenue and successfully test and launch new products. Pre-orders also streamlined their deposit collection processes, providing a more efficient and automated system. This case study highlights…

Enhance your Pre-Order Strategy and Maximize Sales.

We’re here to help you every step of the way in succeeding with Pre-Orders. Learn more with our Pre-Order Strategy Guides.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Reach out to our support team or find some of our most common ones here.

How do pre-orders work?

Adding the Pre-Order Manager to Shopify will give you the power to automatically show a “Pre-Order” button on your selected out of stock products. Customers will be able to place orders and be sent products as soon as inventory arrives.

How can I add pre-orders in Shopify?

By default, pre-orders are not available in Shopify. However, you can create pre-orders using a Pre-Order app, like the Pre-Order Manager. Apps make setting up pre-orders easy, with no dev work required.

How do you get customers to pre-order?

The best way to get customers engaging with your pre-orders is to offer additional incentives such as discounts or a lower upfront payment. If customers can get the products they want at a lower price, opting for a Pre-Order becomes much more appealing.

Can I add Pre-Orders to Shopify for Free?

Yes! The pre-order manager is totally free for your first 14-days. You’ll then pay according to your Shopify Subscription level thereafter. Contact our support team today if you’d like a custom plan!

Get started with Pre-Orders on Shopify

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