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Automatically add a ‘Pre-Order’ button to your store for out-of-stock or pre-sale products. Capture more sales and test products before launch.

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Success stories

Unlock Your Stores Potential with Pre-Orders

AUTOID, a leading provider of aftermarket automotive parts, faced a significant challenge when COVID-19 caused freight delays and stock shortages, making it difficult to keep up with customer demand. However, the company found a solution in pre-orders, which allowed them to continue selling products while managing inventory more effectively. Pre-orders also shaped AUTOID’s business model,…

MissionMercantile, a high-end leather goods retailer, found success in implementing a pre-order system to manage their inventory and customer demand. Pre-orders have resulted in an additional 20% of store revenue for MissionMercantile and improved communication with customers by providing back-in-stock dates for popular products. Pre-orders also allow them to keep selling both popular and specialty…

Eastwood Guitars, a renowned guitar manufacturer, was able to significantly boost their revenue by implementing pre-order processes. With pre-orders, they were able to secure an additional 20% of store revenue and successfully test and launch new products. Pre-orders also streamlined their deposit collection processes, providing a more efficient and automated system. This case study highlights…

Add Pre-Orders to your Shopify Store

The Pre-Order Manager Shopify app can be installed in just a few clicks. Simply activate the products you’d like to pre-order and our app will do the rest! No extra dev work required.

Our app is designed to give you full control over how Pre-Orders look and function on your Shopify store. Configure any pre-order discounts, terms, or limits for any out of stock product with our intuitive pre-order manager dashboard.


Increase Sales with Pre-Orders

Don’t let stock shortages or shipping delays slow down your business. Add Pre-Orders to your Shopify store and give customers the power to purchase the products they want before stock arrives. 

Why are pre-orders such a successful sales strategy? By converting a potentially missed sale into a purchase, pre-orders help improve cash flow and ensure you’re able to meet customer demand when inventory is low.


Powerful features to help you sell more

An all-in-one solution that gives you the power to configure pre-orders to suit your sales strategy.

Pre-Order Discounts & Partial Payments

Incentivize customers to buy and offer a discount on Pre-Order products. Setup is easy, simply select the products you’d like to enable discounts. Then, configure discounts based on any % or $ amount.

Partial Payments are just as easy to set up and give you the option to accept any deposit amount up front, charging the remaining amount once the product ships. Partial Payments mean you won’t always have to adjust cash flow requirements and offer discounted pricing for pre-orders.


Coming Soon product timer

Start marketing your best or newest products before stock arrives with the Coming Soon timer. Generate hype and clearly show customers when products are set to go on sale. 

The Coming Soon timer can be added to any product, variant, or collection and works perfect for limited release products or presales.


Stock Alerts & Waiting Lists

Grow your mailing list and give customers the option to sign up for email alerts when products are back in stock. 
The widget is fully customizable to suit your store’s brand and style, plus you’ll be able to export every email at any time to upload to any email manager.


Actionable Pre-Order Data

Pre-orders are a great way to gather data on product interest and engagement before you order any stock. Test what customers are buying and reconsider the products which are less interesting. 

With the pre-order manager, all this and more is summarized in the reports dashboard to get valuable insights into your best selling pre-order products. Get a summary of customers, orders, and pre-order value in a single, exportable report.


Fully customizable

Have full control over how the Pre-Order button looks and feels in your store. You’ll be able to adjust the button text, design and colors in an easy-to-use editor. 

Our app supports custom CSS and if you ever need development support our development team is online 24/7 ready to assist.


Full Feature List

Add Pre-Orders to products, variants, and collections individually or in-bulk.
– Set up default settings for most products. Use individual settings for certain variants, products, collections, etc.
– Set an automatic Pre-order start and end date.
– Automatically tag pre-order products.
– Choose GEO locations where pre-orders are available.
– Set custom pre-order limits.
Show pre-order quantity amounts on product pages.
Notify Me widget: Allow customers to sign up for email alerts when products are back in stock.
Coming Soon widget: Generate hype and clearly show the date and time products are expecting to go on sale.
– Pre-Order discounts: Add a % or $ discount to any pre-order product.
– Pre-Order reports and analytics.
– Fully customizable text and design for all buttons and widgets.
– Add a pre-order badge on product images on product and/or collection pages.
– Customize pre-order label text on cart and checkout pages.
– Offer partial payment on pre-orders. Set the initial charge based on $ or % amount.
Orders tagged as “Pre-Orders” in the Shopify orders Dashboard.
Optional terms & conditions users must opt-in to before purchasing.

What are the benefits of Pre-Orders?

Don’t take our word for it, read testimonials straight from our users.


We sell hundreds of different products and sometimes they go out of stock as the inventory is very difficult to manage. 

[The pre-order manager] has saved us on numerous occasions. The customer is fully aware they are ordering a product that is out of stock and what date it should come back into stock. 

It has eliminated a huge amount of customer service that we would otherwise have to do if we wanted to continue selling all our items. 

So, on top of saving us time it has also made us a lot more money. If you advertise your products on Facebook you know how important it is to continue selling if you have a great ad. This app has allowed that to be possible.

Shopify Merchant since 2019

Excellent app. It generated almost £2k in pre-orders in one day and helped manage expectations in terms of delivery times with ease.

Shopify Merchant since 2015

We’ve been using this product since the launch of our store and it is definitely one of the most helpful apps on our store. It accounts for about 30% of our total revenue. At least 3 orders a day that are made are pre-orders, and without this app it would not be easy to capture those.

Shopify Merchant Since 2015

 love this app – it’s allowed me to get almost 100 more customers that otherwise would have walked away due to stock being sold out! Woohoo!

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Shopify Merchant

Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Reach out to our support team or find some of our most common ones here.

How do pre-orders work?

Adding the Pre-Order Manager to Shopify will give you the power to automatically show a “Pre-Order” button on your selected out of stock products. Customers will be able to place orders and be sent products as soon as inventory arrives.

How can I add pre-orders in Shopify?

By default, pre-orders are not available in Shopify. However, you can create pre-orders using a Pre-Order app, like the Pre-Order Manager. Apps make setting up pre-orders easy, with no dev work required.

How do you get customers to pre-order?

The best way to get customers engaging with your pre-orders is to offer additional incentives such as discounts or a lower upfront payment. If customers can get the products they want at a lower price, opting for a Pre-Order becomes much more appealing.

Can I add Pre-Orders to Shopify for Free?

Yes! The pre-order manager is totally free for your first 14-days. You’ll then pay according to your Shopify Subscription level thereafter. Contact our support team today if you’d like a custom plan!

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