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Generate bulk discount codes in a few clicks. Efficiently attract and retain customers, boost sales and customer loyalty on your Shopify store.

Simple, Customizable Coupon Codes

✅ Flexible coupon rules and settings..
✅ Full control of how your discounts function.


Discount Types and Product Selection

✅ Percentage or Fixed Discounts
✅ Apply to Products, Collections, or Storewide.


Tailor Settings to Suit any Marketing Strategy


Avoid Unexpected Sales with Coupon Dates.


Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Find some of our most common ones here.

What types of discounts can I create?

The Amai Bulk Discount Code Generator supports various discount types, including percentage-based discounts, fixed amount discounts, and free shipping. You can customize these discounts to fit your promotional strategy.

What are the discount code customization options?

When generating discount codes, you can customize various parameters such as the prefix, suffix, and code length. This allows you to create codes that align with your brand or specific promotional campaigns.

Can I limit usage of discount codes?

Yes, you can set usage limits on the discount codes to control how many times each code can be used. This is helpful for managing inventory and preventing abuse of the discounts.

Can I set an expiration date for the discount codes?

Yes, you can set an expiration date for each discount code or batch of codes you create. This ensures that your promotions are time-bound and helps create urgency among your customers.

What kind of customer support is available?

We offer 24/7 Live Chat support to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter or with setting up specific discounts. Simply reach out to our support team via the support section in the app.

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