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Bulk Discount Manager helps you schedule sales like a pro. Developed to save you time, the Discount & Sales manager is the cost-effective and time saving way to manage sales.

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What is Discount & Sales Manager about?


#1 Bulk Discount App

Apply discount to a product, variant, collection or the whole store. Manage your sales and set discounts in bulk.


Schedule Sales

Set weekly & monthly sales with a repeat discount. Schedule sales and launch a sequence of product discounts.


Icons for Discounted Products

Highlight products with discount icons using drag&drop editor. Choose sale badges from the library or upload your own discount label.

Main Features

Discounts on hundreds of products in 30 minutes
You will spend less than 30 minutes creating discounts and applying them to the overall checkout list or to each product individually.

Discounts in % or in $ terms
Choose how you want to display discounts, and the application will do the calculation for you.

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Pausing or stopping your sale
If for any reason you change your mind and decide to stop or to pause a scheduled sale, you can easily do it anytime and the app will revert the discounted prices to their original level.

Special sale badges for discounted products
You can choose a badge from an icon library or use your own custom designed image and add it to the products on sale. There is no need to pay additional fees for a separate sales icon app.

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Free and fast customer support
The installation process is simple and doesn’t take much time because there is no need to perform manual modifications of your theme.

Compatible with any Shopify theme
Our dedicated team of technical support specialists is ready to help you solve any problem any time of day or night on weekdays.

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Made by professionals with Love ❤️

The Shopify bulk discounts & sales manager app simplifies the process of scheduling sales in eCommerce stores that run on the Shopify platform. It automates the process of setting individual promotional product prices to manage sales and saves you a lot of time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

There are a lot of websites that offer discounts apps for Shopify but if you compare features included with the packages offered by our competitors with the advantages that you can get when choosing our app, you will see that with our starter and basic pricing plans, you will get the best value for money:

  • You can start using our app at no cost with our 14-day free trial – no credit card required.
  • You don’t need any coding skills to install our app for Shopify.
  • Our app for Shopify has a large variety of discount settings, including bulk discounts.
  • We guarantee fast and free customer support.

Loved by users worldwide

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“The most easiest and fastest way to create sales and discounts.”

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$ 0/month

Free plan

  • Apply discounts to the first 100 variants.
  • Schedule sales flexible.
  • Bulk edit discount rules.
  • Repeat discounts.
  • Sale badges editor.
$ 18.95/month

Unlimited Plan

  • Apply discounts to an unlimited number of variants.
  • + All Free Plan features.
$ 27.95/month

Priority Support

  • Up to 3h/month of customizations.
  • Dedicated manager.
  • Priority queue to get support.
  • Assistance to set up the app.
  • + All from the Unlimited plan.