Shopify Bulk Discount Manager

Developed to save you time, the Discounts & Sales manager gives you more control over how and when you’d like to run your sales.

Discount Hundreds of Products in a few-clicks

✅ Select Products in Bulk or Based on Filters.
✅ Apply or Revert Price Changes Instantly.
✅ A Single Dashboard for All Discounts.
✅ Discount Scheduling & Automation.


Create Urgency with Flash Sales

✅ Fully Customizable Design.
✅ Select Products In Bulk and Based on Filters.
✅ Schedule Multiple Flash Sales.
✅ One-time or Auto-Repeat.
✅ Optional Flash Sale Reminder Emails.


Display Stock Levels on Product Pages

✅ Toggle ON/OFF for Any Product.
✅ Customize Text & Colors.
✅ Set at When Level Counter Should Display.


Sale Countdown Timers

Create Urgency with a Timer on your Sale Product Pages.

✅ Base Timer on Sale Date or Custom Dates.
✅ Fully Customizable Design.
✅ Toggle ON/OFF for Any Product.
✅ Multiple Timer Types/Designs.


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Success Stories

When we conduct large sales or plan to run promotions across various brands, ensuring timely and swift changes can be challenging. In addition to managing my store, I work full-time, which means I don’t always have the opportunity to manually initiate sales or price changes. Discount Manager has been a game-changer, allowing me to schedule…

We offer sitewide tiered discounts based on product variants however, Shopify only allows us to apply the same discount uniformly across all variants of a product…The app enables us to tailor our discounts more precisely, allowing us to target specific products we wish to sell more of (e.g., clearing out a particular size). This strategy…

I wanted a solution that would do a store wide discount automatically that I could set a timed ending on. I used the app with great success over the Black Friday weekend. Sales were 123% up this year compared with using a discount code offer in 2022. Customers seemed to like that the discounts were…

We were limited by Shopify on the amount of “variants” we were allowed per product. [The Bulk Discount Manager] allowed us to change variants all at once, we use this app for a lot of our products, and allows us to have different discount structures depending on the item. Having multiple options lets us list…

The bulk discount scheduler is a game-changer. It eliminates the manual labor of editing each product across various collections and makes participating in seasonal sales much easier. With clearer product discounts, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in conversions Lisa – Undrground Athletics Key Takeaways Implementation and Usage:, a player in the competitive athletic wear…

Key Takeaways Lollygag is an online store and lifestyle brand founded by Leo, Kiko, and their son Kai, focusing on creating memorable dining experiences with a range of dinnerware and unique vintage finds. They sought to enhance their sales strategy for the holiday season by implementing a tailored solution for creating and managing discounts. Before…

Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Find some of our most common ones here.

Can I set discounts based on Compared at Price?

Yes, with the Amai Bulk Discounts App you can setup a sale rule where discounts are calculated based on the Compare at Price. The calculated discounted price will then replace the value at the Price column. When a sales rule is disabled, the original price will be restored back to the Price column.

Can I add tags to discounted products?

Yes, you can set a tag for discounted products separately for each rule. It can be done in the discount rule settings.

Is it possible to stop sales anytime in Bulk Discount Manager app?

You can deactivate a discount rule anytime. The more target products, variants the rule has, the longer the discount deactivation process.

How long does it take for discount rules to be applied to products and variants?

The discount rule activation time depends on quantity of products. Only one discount rule can be in process at a time while the rest will be under pending status.

Discount rules will take a total of 1 minute to initialize the activation. Once it started, the time taken for discount rule activation (or deactivation) is about 2 products per second, i.e. it takes 5 seconds to apply a discount to 10 products.

Can I apply the Discount Rules to products with a certain tag?

Yes, you can select by Tag as well as Vendors. You can do so by selecting Tags in the Applies To section during Discount Rules Setup.

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