How to Enhance Store Pickup User Experience on Shopify

Shopping habits have transformed, with 50% of online shoppers now utilizing Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) services. This article delves into the essentials of enhancing store pickup UX on Shopify, ensuring businesses can capitalize on this growing trend. We’ll explore practical strategies and best practices that streamline operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

Why is Store Pickup Important for Shopify Stores?

Store pickup, also known as “click and collect,” allows customers to buy products online and pick them up in a physical store. This service has gained significant traction in retail, especially as consumers seek more convenience and immediacy in their shopping experiences. 

In the current retail environment, where digital and physical shopping realms are increasingly intertwined, store pickup offers a seamless blend of both. This hybrid model caters to the consumer’s desire for fast service and personal interaction with the product before final purchase.

According to Statista, 47% of U.S. shoppers opt for click-and-collect primarily to avoid entering a physical store, reflecting a significant preference for this service. This trend underscores how store pickup not only meets a demand for safety and convenience but also enhances customer satisfaction by adapting to consumers’ evolving preferences. 

Such a service can dramatically improve customer retention, as it seamlessly integrates online browsing with the immediacy of offline shopping. Shoppers who find the pickup process convenient will likely repeat the purchase, further cementing their loyalty to the store.

The advantages of incorporating store pickup into a Shopify store are multifaceted:

  1. Reduced Shipping Costs: By consolidating orders to a single pickup location, retailers can save on the high costs of individual parcel delivery.
  1. Faster Delivery: Store pickup often allows customers to collect their purchases within hours of ordering, surpassing the speed of standard shipping options.
  1. Increased In-Store Traffic: Store pickup drives additional foot traffic to physical locations. Customers collecting online purchases might browse additional items, leading to increased impulse purchases and higher overall sales.

Store pickup not only meets customer expectations for speed and convenience but also fosters deeper trust and loyalty. Personal interaction during pickup allows for immediate resolution of issues, such as product exchanges or returns. 

Moreover, the physical presence of a store can reassure customers about the legitimacy and reliability of an online store. Regular, positive interactions through store pickup can turn occasional shoppers into loyal customers who value the brand and are likely to promote it through word of mouth.

How to Enhance Store Pickup User Experience on Shopify

Improving the store pickup experience begins with identifying the common challenges customers face.

Two primary pain points often reported include:

  • Unclear Pickup Instructions: Customers frequently face confusion due to insufficient or unclear instructions on where or how to pick up their orders. This lack of clarity can lead to frustration and a poor customer experience.
  • Long Wait Times: Even after arriving at the designated pickup location, customers may experience significant delays. Long wait times can diminish the perceived convenience of store pickup and deter future use of the service.

Addressing these pain points effectively is key to enhancing store pickup UX on Shopify and can significantly improve the customer experience.

Consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Clear Communication: Clearly communicate the local pickup option on your product pages and during checkout. Highlight the benefits like convenience and faster acquisition.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure your store location details and operating hours are up-to-date on your website.
  • Fast Order Processing: Implement a streamlined process to verify and fulfill local pickup orders quickly. Notify customers promptly when their order is ready.
  • Advanced Pickup Options: Consider apps that offer features like pickup window selection, allowing customers to choose a convenient time slot.
  • Real-time Inventory Display: Integrate an app that provides real-time in-store inventory visibility. This builds trust and avoids customer disappointment if an item is out of stock.
  • Automated Communication: Utilize apps that automate email and SMS notifications. Keep customers informed about order confirmation, estimated pickup date, and any instructions.
  • Provide Clear Pickup Instructions: Include clear instructions on how to find the pickup location within your store and any specific procedures for collecting the order.
  • Train Staff: Train your store staff on the local pickup process to ensure a smooth and positive customer experience.

Introducing Amai Local Pickup & Delivery

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery is a valuable tool for enhancing store pickup UX on Shopify, offering streamlined and efficient local pickup and delivery options. The app enhances the customer shopping experience by enabling store owners to set customizable delivery zones, cutoff times, and specific delivery rates. It supports the management of multiple store locations, allowing for both individual and bulk configurations that optimize operational efficiency.

Below are the steps you need to follow to install and use the app:


  1. Navigate to the Shopify App Store.
  1. Search for “Amai Local Pickup & Delivery”.
  1. Find the app and click “Add app”. You may be prompted to log into your Shopify account if you are not already logged in.
  1. After adding the app, it will appear under the “apps and sales channels” section in your Shopify account.


  1. Open the app from your Shopify account to start setting up your preferences.
  1. Configure important elements such as store locations, delivery zones, and cutoff times according to your business needs.

Decide on a Delivery Method

  1. In-House Delivery: Initially, you might choose to manage deliveries in-house using your existing staff. This approach helps control costs and allows for immediate implementation. It’s ideal for smaller operations or when starting out.
  1. Local Couriers: Partnering with local couriers can be advantageous as your delivery volume grows. This method alleviates the burden of delivery logistics from your staff and can enhance delivery efficiency, allowing you to handle increased order volumes.

Limitations of Shopify’s Native System

In-store pickup within Shopify’s native system is called “local pickup.” While it offers a straightforward way to enable in-store pickup for your customers, it has its limitations.

Limited Customization:

  • Pickup Window: You can’t set specific pickup windows or time slots with Shopify’s native system.
  • Order Requirements: There’s no option to set minimum order values or restrict product categories for local pickup.

Inventory Management:

  • Real-time Inventory: Shopify doesn’t offer real-time in-store inventory tracking by default. You’ll need a separate system or manual process to ensure accuracy.
  • Multiple Locations: Managing inventory across multiple locations can become cumbersome with Shopify’s native system.

Customer Experience:

  • Limited Communication: There are fewer automated communication options for pickup notifications or instructions.

Features and Advantages of Amai Local Pickup & Delivery

  1. Effortless Integration for Store Locations: Amai Local Pickup & Delivery revolutionizes how Shopify store owners can integrate and manage their inventory across multiple locations. The application allows for quick addition of locations and seamless inventory synchronization, making the launch or expansion of pickup and delivery services both straightforward and efficient. 
  1. Customizable Service Options: The application offers extensive flexibility to modify various aspects of your service delivery. Whether you’re setting minimum order values, defining specific delivery zones, or customizing service offerings, Amai provides the tools necessary to shape the service according to the specific needs of your business and your customers. 
  1. Streamlined Multi-Location Management: Handling logistics across multiple store locations can often be challenging, but Amai Local Pickup & Delivery simplifies this process. The intuitive dashboard interface makes it easy for business owners to manage settings and apply updates universally or to individual locations. This capability removes the complexities traditionally associated with managing multiple stores and allows for smoother operational control.
  1. Intelligent Pickup Point Allocation: Enhancing customer experience is crucial, and Amai does this by intelligently suggesting the most convenient pickup locations for your customers. This feature adds value to the customer shopping experience by increasing convenience and streamlining the pickup process, making it quicker and more efficient.
  1. Tailored Delivery Configurations: Amai allows you to define your delivery zones with utmost precision. You can set specific cutoff times and adjust delivery rates to optimize both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This tailored approach ensures that your delivery services are as efficient as possible, meeting both business needs and customer expectations.
  1. Comprehensive Customer Support: Installing Amai Local Pickup & Delivery means more than just accessing a robust set of tools; it also means having continuous support at your fingertips. The dedicated 24/7 customer support team is ready to assist with everything from routine inquiries to more complex customizations. 

Useful Tips

  • Highlight pickup options on the homepage, checkout, and marketing emails.
  • Simplify checkout with clear pickup options, times, and locations.
  • Set minimum order values and specific pickup windows with Amai.
  • Inform customers about order status via SMS or email.
  • Offer discounts for in-store pickups.

Summary and Advice

Enhancing store pickup UX on Shopify involves addressing key customer pain points such as unclear pickup instructions and long wait times, and ensuring seamless operational integration. 

For Shopify store owners seeking to implement or enhance their store pickup capabilities, leveraging tools like Amai Local Pickup & Delivery is highly recommended. This app not only facilitates effortless integration of store locations and inventory management but also offers extensive customization options that cater to diverse business needs. 

To fully capitalize on the benefits of enhanced store pickup, consider giving Amai Local Pickup & Delivery a try and optimize your Shopify store to meet the evolving needs of your customers.

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