How to Create a Buy X Get Y Sales Campaign on Shopify

Buy X get Y Sales campaigns are a tried and tested sales tactic that can be utilized by both single and multi-product stores. When done correctly, this type of discount can work to help you increase your average order quantity and value. In this short-article we’ll show you exactly how to set up a ‘Buy X get Y’ discount in Shopify, as well as give you all the knowledge and tips to help you implement it correctly for your store.

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Why ‘Buy X get Y’ Sales work

Most effective for stores looking to sell more of their inventory, the success of a ‘Buy X get Y’ sale can largely depend on the type of products you sell. For instance, ‘Buy X Get Y’ sales are better received around products that are a commodity or sold in a set.

Some great examples could be a “Buy Shoes, get the socks free” or “Buy 1 Bottle of Wine, get one 50% off” sale. Why do they work? Perception. To start, one obvious benefit from this type of offer is that the sale is simple to understand. Generally speaking, consumers are more likely to interact with a sale that’s easy to understand. 50% off is the most simple percentage to calculate. What’s more, it feels like a large discount. Another way we could have written this promotion is 25% off per bottle, as you can see this is much less enticing. On top of that, if your gross profit is higher on the free item then you’ll have an added benefit there as well.

Finally, it starts negotiations with a precise number. In a way, every interaction with your customer is a negotiation. Through this offer our buyer will also be more enticed to browse for two bottles, rather than one. While we could dedicate an entire article to ecommerce sales and marketing tactics, these are only a few examples to show you how a ‘Buy X Get Y’ sale can work for your store.

Types of ‘Buy X Get Y’ sales

Buy one, get one (BOGO)

‘Buy one, get one’ offers are generally used to encourage shoppers to browse a specific product or collection to get a deal on a second item. This is best used when offering a percentage or dollar discount on the second item. For example: “Buy X, get 60% off Y”.

Bundle sale

Best used for moving inventory fast on relatively low-cost items, Bundle sales encourage customers to purchase multiple items in a single-order to unlock a deal. For example, buy five items and get the sixth for free.

Gift with purchase

Essentially a ‘Buy X get Y Free’ offer, promoting a free gift with a product further sells the perception that the customer is getting more value and even an ‘exclusive’ item with their purchase. This method can help to highlight new products or get iffy buyers over the line.


A great way to promote return customers, a Rebate offer occurs after the initial purchase and is actioned by the shopper (typically by mailing in a coupon). Although the barrier to savings is higher, this works well on higher-ticket items, if the discount is worth it.

Creating ‘Buy X get Y’ discounts in Shopify

  1. Open the ‘Discounts’ page in your Shopify stores Dashboard.
  2. Create an ‘Automatic’ Discount.
  3. Give your discount a title and select ‘Buy X get Y’ as the type.
  4. Configure the ‘Customer buys’ part of the discount.
    – Here you will select whether a minimum product quantity or minimum purchase amount is required for the discount to apply.
    – Here you can select what products or collections the discount will apply to.
  5. Configure the ‘Customer gets’ part of the discount.
    – Here you will choose what products or collections are discounted as part of the sale.
    – You’ll have the option of providing the second item either at a percentage discount or free.
    – You can also set a maximum number of uses per order in this section.
  6. Set the start and end dates of the sale, under ‘Active Dates’.
  7. Review the sale in the ‘Summary’ box, and ‘Save’ the discount.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

Looking for a better way to create and schedule discounts in shopify?
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