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Selling Limited-Edition Products with Pre-Orders

Scarcity creates urgency and drives customer action. Limited-edition items capitalize on this by offering products in restricted quantities or for a limited time, compelling customers to purchase quickly to avoid missing out and ultimately boosting sales.

Real Shopify Stores Succeeding with Limited Edition Pre-Orders

New Era (Mexico)

New Era Mexico effectively leveraged pre-orders to sell their exclusive and limited-edition caps, such as the “Tigres de la UANL Campeones Futbol Mexicano Clausura 2023 9FORTY Snapback”.

By implementing a pre-order strategy, New Era generated buzz and anticipation among fans, ensuring they secured their desired merchandise ahead of time. This approach not only helped manage inventory more efficiently by gauging demand but also enhanced customer satisfaction by guaranteeing availability of highly sought-after items. 

Pre-orders allowed New Era to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, driving sales and strengthening their brand presence in the competitive sports merchandise market.

MissionMercantile (USA)

“With the Amai Pre-Order Manager, we’ve managed to streamline our inventory and meet customer demands more efficiently, turning potential stock outs into sales opportunities.”

Chuck Bowen CEO & Founder

MissionMercantile, a high-end leather goods retailer, implemented a pre-order system for limited-edition products. This strategy resulted in an additional 20% of store revenue and improved customer communication by providing back-in-stock dates for popular items.

How-to setup
Limited-Edition Pre-Orders

Enhance your Pricing Strategy

Limited-edition items are generally priced at a premium due to their exclusivity. However, you can also consider incorporating an early bird or pre-order discount to incentivize swift purchases.


Pre-Order Discounts: Offer discounts for pre-orders to incentivize early purchases and boost initial sales.
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Promote your Pre-Orders

Use social media, email marketing, and your website to announce limited-edition pre-orders, highlighting their scarcity and exclusivity to drive interest and sales. You can build anticipation before the pre-order launch using teasers and sneak peeks. Countdowns are also a great way to emphasize pre-order urgency.


Notify Me Email Alerts
Utilize email alerts to notify customers when pre-orders are available, capturing their interest early.
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Build Hype with Coming Soon
Use “Coming Soon” features to create anticipation and excitement for upcoming pre-orders.
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Pre-Order Terms & Conditions
Clearly outline the terms and conditions of pre-orders to manage customer expectations.
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Setup Pre-Order Availability

Determine the exact number of items available or set a specific time frame for availability, and clearly communicate these limits to create a sense of urgency.


Schedule Pre-Order Start/End Dates
Automate the timing of your pre-orders to align with your marketing strategy.
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Pre-Order Quantity Limits
Set limits on the number of items available for pre-order to enhance exclusivity.
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Estimated Shipping Date
Provide an estimated shipping date to manage customer expectations.
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Restrict by GEO Location
If relevant, you can also restrict pre-orders to specific geographical locations to optimize shipping logistics and compliance.
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Eastwood Guitars, a renowned guitar manufacturer, was able to significantly boost their revenue by implementing pre-order processes. With pre-orders, they were able to secure an additional 20% of store revenue and successfully test and launch new products. Pre-orders also streamlined their deposit collection processes, providing a more efficient and automated system. This case study highlights…

MissionMercantile, a high-end leather goods retailer, found success in implementing a pre-order system to manage their inventory and customer demand. Pre-orders have resulted in an additional 20% of store revenue for MissionMercantile and improved communication with customers by providing back-in-stock dates for popular products. Pre-orders also allow them to keep selling both popular and specialty…

AUTOID, a leading provider of aftermarket automotive parts, faced a significant challenge when COVID-19 caused freight delays and stock shortages, making it difficult to keep up with customer demand. However, the company found a solution in pre-orders, which allowed them to continue selling products while managing inventory more effectively. Pre-orders also shaped AUTOID’s business model,…