How to Add Custom Service Add-ons to Your Shopify Cart

There’s no denying the fact that customer satisfaction is indispensable for optimal customer retention. In the United States, almost 60% of customers will walk away from your business after several bad experiences and 17% after just one bad experience. This means you cannot afford to compromise on delivering optimal services that leave customers satisfied. Adding custom service add-ons to your customers’ Shopify cart is a good way of ensuring customers receive personalized services that meet their unique needs. This article explains Shopify custom service add-ons, their impact on your Shopify business, and how you can maximize their advantage.

Why are Custom Service Add-ons Important for Shopify Stores?

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Services like gift wrapping or personalized notes cater to the desire for personalized shopping experiences. They allow customers to add a personal touch to their purchases, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and memorable. With personalization comes an extra layer of convenience, which impacts the decision-making of 87% of millennials. This is because personalization makes customers feel their needs and preferences are anticipated and met with minimal effort on their part.

Upselling Opportunities for Increased Average Order Value

Reports show that upselling increases your revenue by 10-30% on average. What better time to sell more to a customer than when they are all in and ready to buy? Thus, additional services at checkout create upselling opportunities for your business. Customers who may not have initially considered an add-on might be enticed to purchase when they see the option at checkout, increasing the average order value.

Competitive Differentiation

You can use Shopify custom service add-ons to differentiate your business from the competition. For example, customizable options like eco-friendly packaging or charitable donations at checkout can strengthen a brand’s image and appeal to customers’ values. With this, you can set your brand apart from competitors who offer a more transactional shopping experience.

How to Add Custom Service Add-ons to Your Shopify Cart

Shopify custom service add-ons will do your Shopify store a world of good. However, it’s important to note that Shopify, by default, does not offer built-in functionality for adding these service add-ons directly at the checkout. But don’t worry; you can easily integrate this functionality into your Shopify store through third-party upsell apps available in the Shopify App Store.

Introducing Amai Upsell+ (Shopify Sales Boost App)

The Amai Upsell+ app is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance sales strategies through various discounts, bundles, upsells, and more. It allows for the effortless incorporation of exclusive deals, including tier, volume, and combo discounts, directly into your online store. The app’s 1-click upsell feature allows Shopify stores to offer customers more value at checkout without the need for heavy lifting on the development front.

How to Install and Use Amai Upsell+ to Add Custom Service Add-ons to Shopify Cart

  1. Install Amai Upsell+ from the Shopify App Store.
  1. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard, find the Apps section, and click on the Amai Upsell+ app to open its dashboard.
  1. Look for the My Tiers page in the app’s dashboard to begin setting up your service upsells.
  1. Click the “Create Tier” button to initiate your custom service add-on setup.
  1. Choose “Cross-sell and upsell” under the Tiered Pricing options, then proceed by clicking “Next”.
  1. Provide a name for your upsell in the designated field so you can identify it easily.
  1. Select “Cart Page” as the location for your service upsell, as it’s specifically designed to appear on the cart page.
  1. Click “Select Service Upsell,” enter the name and price for the service you wish to offer, and optionally add a message box for extra details or instructions.
  1. Use the “+ Add service upsell” button to offer multiple services. You can insert up to five service upsells at once.

There’s also an optional setting for making the service upsell visible to customers from selected countries and/or schedule its availability with start and end dates.

Features and Advantages of Amai Upsell+

  • Easy Setup for Service Upsells: Users can create service upsells through a straightforward process. This simplicity ensures a user-friendly setup experience for everyone using the app for custom service add-ons.
  • Optimal Upsell Location: Service upsells are specifically designed to appear on the Cart Page, optimizing the customer’s checkout experience by presenting these offers where they’re most likely to make a decision. In addition, this means the upsell offer is less likely to appear intrusive.
  • Personalized Service Offerings: The importance of offering highly personalized services in e-commerce cannot be underestimated. As a store owner, the Amai Upsell+ app allows you to insert the name and price of the service you wish to upsell and include a message box for personalized services such as gift wrapping, special instructions for delivery, or engraving services.
  • Capability to Add Multiple Services: The app allows users to add up to five service upsells at once. Adding up to five service upsells simultaneously offers significant flexibility, enabling store owners to diversify their upsell strategies and cater to a broader range of customer needs and preferences, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and average order value.
  • Targeted Upsell Opportunities: The app allows you to show upsell offers to customers from specific countries. Also, there are scheduling options for starting and ending service upsells, making it possible to target your offers more effectively.

Useful Tips

  • Limit upsell offers to a few high-value, complementary services to avoid overwhelming customers. 
  • Regularly A/B-test different upsell offers and messages to find the most effective combinations and continually refine your strategy based on data.
  • Emphasize the benefits and value of the upsell services to the customer’s purchase experience or the product’s usability to encourage uptake.
  • Use personalized messages or recommendations in your service upsells to create a more engaging and tailored shopping experience.
  • Use the app’s analytics to track the performance of your upsell strategies and adjust based on which services are most frequently accepted.
  • Create upsell offers that feel exclusive or limited-time to create urgency and increase the perceived value of the service.

Summary and Advice

Running a successful Shopify business is all about finding and making the best use of opportunities to generate more revenue. Custom service add-ons present an opportunity for Shopify stores to increase their average order value and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Although this service isn’t natively available on Shopify, an app like Amai Upsell+ allows you to easily incorporate custom service add-ons and upsells directly into your customers’ checkout process. It is an app trusted by many thanks to its ease of use, unparalleled developer assistance, and its ability to unlock new revenue streams and significantly enhance the customer shopping experience through personalized and strategic upsell opportunities. You can join the train of satisfied users by checking out Amai Upsell+ today.

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