How to Boost Sales with Free Shipping Banners on Shopify

Do you know that 66% of American consumers expect free shipping on all online orders?

Boosting sales with free shipping banners on Shopify is a strategic move that taps into consumer expectations. With a significant percentage of American consumers expecting free shipping, offering this perk can be a game-changer for your online store. 

How Shopify Free Shipping Banners Help Boost Sales

Any seasoned marketer will tell you one of the biggest secrets of selling to people is addressing their objections. You need to be able to anticipate and address their objections before they even voice them. This proactive approach is crucial in creating a seamless path to purchase for potential customers. For Shopify stores, shipping is one such objection, and your Shopify free shipping banners address this objection.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how this works:

  • Reduced Cart Abandonment: The average e-commerce cart abandonment rate is around 70%. Looking closer at the reason behind cart abandonment shows that half of these abandonments are due to extra costs like shipping fees. By prominently displaying free shipping banners, customers are aware from the outset that they won’t face additional shipping charges on their orders. This transparency helps reduce the surprise factor at checkout, which is a common reason shoppers leave without completing their purchase. As a result, the likelihood of cart abandonment decreases, leading to more completed transactions and increased sales.
  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV): Stats show that 78% of buyers are willing to buy more to qualify for free shipping. This is why free shipping banners often come with a qualifier, such as a minimum purchase amount. This strategy encourages customers to add more items to their carts to reach the threshold for free shipping. As shoppers add additional products to qualify for free shipping, the average order value (AOV) naturally increases. Customers also feel like they’re getting a better deal by receiving free shipping, further incentivizing higher spending.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The offer of free shipping directly impacts customer satisfaction and perception of the brand.  In a market where consumers have endless choices, free shipping can be a deciding factor in where they choose to shop. According to a Statista survey, 82% of respondents confirmed they frequently compare prices before making an online purchase, while the remaining 18% typically do not. Therefore, A free shipping banner highlights a store’s customer-centric approach and positions it competitively against others that do not offer the same perk. This advantage can be crucial in attracting customers who are comparing similar products across different sites.

Why are Free Shipping Banners Effective for Shopify Stores?

It isn’t magic; the effectiveness of Shopify free shipping banners is rooted in human behavioral patterns. The best entrepreneurs understand this and make the best use of it.

  • The Timeless Allure of “Free”: The term ‘free’ has a powerful effect on consumer behavior. It’s not just an economic consideration; it’s a psychological trigger. A report shows that 27% of buyers would prefer making in-store purchases to avoid shipping costs. Similarly, a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found that 75% of U.S. consumers expect free shipping even on orders under $50, highlighting the importance of free shipping as a factor in purchasing decisions. The allure of ‘free’ enhances the perceived value of an offer, making customers more likely to complete a purchase. Getting something for nothing can create a sense of urgency and make the offer seem more valuable than it might be.
  • Visual Cues: Free shipping banners serve as strong visual cues that can significantly influence consumer behavior. These banners are designed to be immediately noticeable, often using bold colors, large fonts, and strategic placement to catch the eye of the shopper. Making the free shipping offer one of the first things a customer sees sets a positive tone for the shopping experience, encouraging them to add items to their cart with the knowledge that the price they see is closer to the total cost they’ll pay.
  • Competitive Edge: In a crowded online marketplace, differentiation is key to attracting and retaining customers. Offering free shipping provides a competitive edge, as it meets a key consumer expectation. With so many consumers comparing prices and perks across platforms before making a purchase, the absence of free shipping can be a deal-breaker. For Shopify stores, prominently displaying free shipping banners not only matches but exceeds consumer expectations, setting the store apart from competitors who do not offer the same benefit. 

How to Implement Free Shipping Banners to Your Shopify Store

There are several methods to integrate these banners, ranging from built-in Shopify features to custom coding. Here’s a guide on the different options available:

Shopify Built-in Announcement Bar

Many Shopify themes come with a built-in feature known as the announcement bar. This bar is designed to display at the top of your pages, making it ideal for highlighting free shipping offers.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Find the theme you’re using and click on Customize.
  1. Look for a section related to the header or announcements. The exact location can vary depending on your theme.
  1. Enter your free shipping offer message. Be clear and concise. For example, “Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50”.
  1. Some themes allow you to change the color, font, and alignment of the announcement bar to make it stand out or fit your store’s aesthetic.
  1. Before finalizing, preview how the announcement bar looks on your site. Make any necessary adjustments, then save your changes.

Shopify Apps

If your theme doesn’t support an announcement bar or you’re looking for more functionality, there are numerous Shopify apps designed to help. These apps allow for more customization than the built-in announcement bar. You also do not need any technical expertise to take advantage of these apps.

To use a Shopify app for free shipping banners:

  1. Search for free shipping bar apps in the Shopify App Store and review their features and reviews to find one that suits your needs.
  1. Once selected, install the app to your Shopify store.
  1. Use the app’s dashboard to customize your message, design, and rules for your free shipping offer.
  1. Many apps offer a preview feature. Test your banner to ensure it works correctly and looks good across different devices, then activate it.

Custom Code

For those with web development knowledge or access to a developer, you can opt for custom coding.

  1. In the Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes, click on Actions next to your theme, and select Edit code.
  1. Find the header.liquid file (or the file responsible for your site’s header) to insert your custom HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript.
  1. Code your banner with the desired message and design. Ensure it’s responsive for mobile users.
  1. Before making your changes live, preview your site in different browsers and devices to ensure the banner displays correctly and doesn’t interfere with other site elements.

Introducing Urgency+ (The Ultimate Sales Boost App)

The Urgency+ app is a Shopify app designed as an easy-to-use app for boosting Shopify sales. It comes with a suite of tools designed to help you take the best advantage of urgency and scarcity tactics to encourage customers to make purchases more quickly. The free shipping banner is one of its key features, offering a straightforward yet effective method to entice customers to buy from you.

Features and Advantages of Urgency+

  • Global or User/GEO Specific Settings: Urgency+ enables you to create offers based on the user’s location, allowing for a more personalized shopping experience. Thus, you can set your Shopify free shipping banner to only show up for buyers from certain locations.
  • Sitewide or Page-Specific Banners: Place announcement bars across your entire store or on selected pages such as product pages, collections, or specific landing pages.
  • Email Capture Feature: Encourage customers to subscribe to your mailing list, with captured emails automatically synchronized to your Shopify admin panel or integrated with Mailchimp or Klaviyo.
  • Fully Customizable Design: From the banner’s appearance to the elements displayed, including titles, links, email capture boxes, and discount codes, everything can be customized.
  • Display Multiple Announcements: If you have multiple offers at the same time, Urgency+ can handle it. With customizable transition styles and speeds, you can use a carousel setup to inform customers about multiple campaigns.
  • Sticky Banner Option: The sticky banner option means you can keep the announcement bar visible regardless of the user’s scroll position, either at the top or bottom of the page.

Overall, the ability to quickly and easily create, customize, and manage multiple announcements offered by Urgency+ gives your store a competitive edge by keeping your marketing messages fresh and engaging. With the built-in features of Urgency+, you can execute effective marketing strategies without the need for additional software or services, potentially reducing your marketing costs.

Useful Tips

  • Strategic Timing: Align the timing of your free shipping offers with peak shopping periods, such as holidays, weekends, or special sales events, to maximize their impact. Use Urgency+ to schedule these banners in advance.
  • Clear Messaging: Ensure your free shipping offer is clearly stated in the banner. Use concise, action-oriented language that communicates the value proposition directly to the customers, such as “Free Shipping This Weekend Only!” or “Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders Over $50.”
  • Targeted Offers: Use the GEO-specific settings in Urgency+ to target your free shipping offers based on the customer’s location. This is particularly useful if shipping costs vary significantly by region or if you want to target specific markets with special promotions.
  • Placement and Visibility: Test different placements for your free shipping banner (e.g., top vs. bottom of the page) to see which location drives more engagement. The option to display the banner as a sticky element ensures continuous visibility as users scroll.
  • A/B Testing: While your initial use of free shipping banners may not give you the desired result, there is no reason to worry. A/B testing turns initial challenges with free shipping banners into opportunities for optimization. You can pinpoint what resonates best by comparing different banner versions and adjusting elements like messaging, design, timing, and audience targeting. Analyzing performance metrics provides insights to refine your approach, enhancing engagement and sales.

Summary and Advice

Free shipping banners stand out as a straightforward yet impactful strategy to elevate your Shopify store’s sales. As always, clarity in your offer and alignment with your audience’s expectations are key. The best approach is to consider Urgency+ not just as a tool but as a partner in your journey to better connect with your audience through tailored effective promotions. With a relaxed approach and the right tools, your free shipping banners can become a seamless part of a successful sales strategy.

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