Boosting Your Shopify Store’s Sales with Strategic Pre-Order Campaigns

Are you planning to launch new products on your Shopify store but need help attracting enough potential customers and sales? Then, pre-order campaigns are your ticket to generating the excitement and hype your product needs before its launch. However, it’s not a strategy you execute halfheartedly. To maximize sales with pre-order campaigns for your Shopify store, it’s crucial to grasp insights into consumer behavior. Read this article to understand the strategies and tactics you need to know to run successful pre-order campaigns on Shopify.

E-commerce Statistics

Maximizing sales with pre-order campaigns is especially important for Shopify merchants as online shopping has become increasingly popular, taking over 33% of the world’s population. 

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, over 25% of total revenue and profits in various industries are attributed to the introduction of new products with pre-order campaigns. This statistic underscores the significant impact that pre-orders can have on businesses’ bottom line and overall success.

Data also shows that 28% of pre-orders are made on the first day they become available, usually four to six months before the product launch. Hence, there is a need for a well-planned pre-order campaign to keep up the momentum for the product launch. 

Why are Pre-Orders Important for Shopify Stores?

Pre-orders particularly build hype and demand before the official product launch. By allowing customers to reserve and purchase products before they are available to the general public, pre-orders create anticipation and excitement, generating buzz and curiosity around the upcoming release. This heightened interest can translate into increased visibility, word-of-mouth marketing, and, ultimately, higher sales figures upon launch.

Additionally, pre-orders provide an invaluable opportunity for gathering early feedback from customers. By offering products for pre-order, Shopify stores can engage with their target audience and receive valuable insights into customer preferences, expectations, and potential improvements. This early feedback loop enables businesses to make necessary adjustments and enhance the overall customer experience, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers and increased loyalty.

Another strategic advantage of maximizing sales with Shopify pre-orders is its impact on cash flow management. Securing pre-orders allows businesses to generate revenue and cash flow even before the product is officially launched and delivered to customers. This early influx of funds can be crucial for covering production costs, marketing expenses, and other operational needs, providing financial stability and flexibility to the business.

How to Maximize Sales with Shopify Pre-Orders

  1. Choosing the Right Products for the Pre-Order Campaign

Start by choosing products likely to interest your target audience and are highly demanded among them. You can try products with new or special items, limited editions, or any product with a predicted colossal demand. Additionally, study market trends, your customers’ preferences, and their feedback to understand which products can trigger pre-order sales.

  1. Setting Clear and Appealing Pre-Order Incentives

Provide enticing incentives that will encourage customers to pre-order. This could include discounts for members, early access to products or services, bonus items, limited-time offers, or unique packaging. Most importantly, display these incentives throughout your Shopify store to catch customers’ attention and convert them into pre-orders.

  1. Marketing Tactics to Promote Pre-Orders

At times, your focus is solely on achieving a satisfying surge in customer numbers, and we get that. This is where deploying the appropriate marketing tactics becomes crucial. Numerous strategies can aid in achieving this goal by enhancing the visibility and reach of your Shopify store.

For instance, you can:

  • Utilize social media for teaser posts and countdowns.
  • Send targeted email marketing campaigns showcasing incentives.
  • Collaborate with influencers for broader reach.
  • Invest in paid advertising for targeted promotion.
  • Offer exclusive promotions to incentivize early pre-orders.

Introducing Amai PreOrder Manager

The Amai PreOrder Manager app is a flexible solution that simplifies pre-order management and enhances customer interaction. This tool was specifically designed to maximize sales with Shopify pre-orders. Packed with features tailored for seamless pre-launch campaigns, it allows for personalized pre-order configurations, introduces scarcity through limited quantities, and provides ongoing customer support for a seamless product launch experience. Additionally, it incorporates features such as stock alerts and a “Coming Soon” option, strategically crafted to create anticipation and boost sales.

Steps to Install Amai Pre-Order Manager

  • Access the app on Shopify’s app store using this link.
  • Click ‘add app’ to integrate it into your store’s sidebar for easy access.
  • In your Shopify admin, navigate to ‘PreOrder Manager’ under apps to access the management dashboard.
  • Select ‘Products’ from the menu bar to view your store’s product list and begin setup.

Limitations of Shopify’s Native System and Competitors

Shopify’s native system, while robust in many aspects, lacks built-in pre-order functionality, posing a significant limitation for merchants seeking to leverage pre-order campaigns. This requires using third-party apps or manual workarounds to implement pre-order capabilities effectively. Among these solutions, Amai PreOrder Manager stands out by offering an intuitive interface and providing comprehensive pre-order management features. 

Unlike some competitors, Amai simplifies the pre-order process by automating tasks such as inventory management, customer notifications, and order fulfillment, filling crucial gaps left by other pre-order management tools. With Amai, you can streamline pre-order campaigns and enhance your Shopify store’s functionality without the hassle of navigating complex systems or compromising on efficiency.

Features and Advantages of Amai PreOrder Manager

  • Unlimited Pre-Orders: With Amai Pre-Order Manager, you can have as many pre-orders as you need to boost your sales without any capacity limits.
  • Flexible Pre-Order Options: The tool allows customers to pre-order with partial payments and discounts on any product, making it easier for them to commit early and improving cash flow.
  • Back-in-Stock and Pre-Order Alerts: Amai Pre-Order Manager helps you update customers with automatic notifications for available stock and new pre-order opportunities, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • 24/7 Support and Expert Assistance: You also get a round-the-clock live chat and developer support for seamless integration and operation, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
  • Automated and Customizable Management: You can set pre-order dates automatically based on stock levels and customize your store’s look with “Coming Soon” buttons to match your branding and make operations smoother.
  • Controlled Quantities and Urgency: You can set limits on pre-order quantities to manage supply effectively and create a sense of urgency, boosting conversions.

Useful Tips

  • Monitor pre-order performance metrics like conversion rates and adjust strategies for improved results.
  • Communicate clearly with customers about pre-order details to manage expectations and ensure satisfaction.
  • Provide incentives like discounts or bonuses to encourage early pre-orders and boost sales.
  • Offer responsive customer support throughout the pre-order process to maintain a positive experience.
  • Gather feedback from pre-order customers to refine strategies and enhance future campaigns.

Summary and Advice

Launching a new product on Shopify is an exciting but challenging task that requires careful planning and execution. By following our strategic tips, like selecting the right products that draw the most interest and attaching enticing incentives, you can set a strong foundation for your product’s success. These strategies engage potential customers early and increase their excitement, anticipation, and loyalty to your brand. If you want to maximize sales with Shopify pre-orders, don’t rely on luck— use powerful tools like Amai PreOrder Manager to enhance your efforts and make your launch impactful.

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