How to Create a Fixed Value or Percentage Discount on Shopify

Want to create Fixed Value or Percentage discounts to reward your customers or as part of a marketing campaign? You’re in the right place, as that’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do in this guide, using the Bulk Discount Manager plugin.

Shopify provides default discount tools but has limited features. For one-click bulk discounts, auto-tagging of discounted orders, and even custom sales badges, you should try our Bulk Discount Manager app for these, and more, features.

Without further ado, let’s create go through the steps to create a fixed value or percentage discount.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

Looking for a better way to create and schedule discounts in shopify?
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Create a Fixed Value or Percentage Discount

Step 1) Access your Shopify dashboard and create a discount

Head to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to the “Discounts” panel by clicking “Discounts” from the left-hand menu. Once it loads, click the “Create Discount” button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2) Select the Type of Discount You Want to Create

This will open up the “Create discount” dialogue. You’ll be presented with two options: Discount code or Automatic discount. Which one you should choose comes down completely to your preference as both have the option to create either fixed-value or percentage discounts.

Here’s a quick refresher on each (if you need it):

  1. Discount code: With this option, you’ll create a discount/coupon code that will apply a discount to the order if shoppers type it in the discount code box during checkout. This is a good way of providing “secret” discounts only to select customers. 
  2. Automatic discount: This discount will automatically apply to all products or collections that you set it for. The shopper won’t have to do anything else to enjoy the discount. This is a great option for clearance or storewide sales.

Step 3) Create a Discount Code or Automatic Discount Title for Your Discount

Regardless of whether you chose a Discount code or Automatic discount, the process will be almost identical.

If you are creating a Discount code you will first need to enter the coupon code for shoppers to use in the “Discount code” field. You should use something that’s in line with your other marketing collateral and that’s short and to the point as well as descriptive. This will result in a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience for users. For example, you could use something like “CYBER20” for a 20% discount instead of writing “CYBERMONDAY20” in full:

With an Automatic discount, the “Discount code” field will be replaced with an “Automatic discount title” box:

Users will see this discount title in their cart and during checkout. So, also make sure that it’s something descriptive and user-friendly.

Step 4) Configure Your Fixed Value or Percentage Discount

Inside the “Type” panel there will be a number of different discount types to choose from. The only difference here between a Discount code and Automatic discount is that the former has a “Free shipping” option while the latter doesn’t. However, both have “Fixed amount” and “Percentage” options.

Step 4.A) Create a Fixed Value Discount

To create a Fixed Value discount, check the “Fixed amount” checkbox. Then, scroll down to the “Value” panel and enter the amount you want to be discounted in the “Discount value” box:

For example, if you enter $20, then a $50 dollar product will be discounted to $30 when the user either applies the discount code or if the automatic discount applies to that product.

Step 4.B) Create a Percentage Discount

As you might guess, the only difference here is that you check the “Percentage” checkbox and then type a percentage into the “Discount value” box in the “Value” panel:

For example, if you enter 20%, then a $50 product will be discounted to $40, when applicable.

Step 5) Further Configuration and Saving the Discount

You should now explore the other options to make sure that the discount works exactly like you want it to. One of the advantages of using the Bulk Discount manager is applying discounts to large groups of products so that you don’t have to do it one-by-one. You can do this under “APPLIES TO” by either selecting “All products” or selecting “Specific collections” or “Specific products” and searching for the correct items:

There are also other handy settings, such as the minimum price required for a discount to apply, indicating which customers should be eligible, setting limits on how many discounts can be redeemed, and the duration that the discount will be active for.

Finally, remember to save your discount by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to create either a fixed value or percentage discount using the Bulk Discount Manager. Some of the additional settings, such as being able to price round your discounts or automatically tagging discounted orders aren’t available using the default Shopify discounts. So, if you want to easily create and manage either fixed value or percentage discounts, it’s worth trying out the Bulk Discount Manager, for free!

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

Looking for a better way to create and schedule discounts in shopify?
Try the Bulk Discount Manager by amai

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