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How AZ Pro Performance Shifted Gears with Shopify Bulk Discounts for Record Sales Growth

Custom Billet Wheels, Big Brakes & Air Suspension Components for C10 Truck or Pro-Touring Muscle Car
Mesa, Arizona

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Bulk Discount Manager

Easily schedule & automate discounts in bulk!

We were limited by Shopify on the amount of “variants” we were allowed per product. [The Bulk Discount Manager] allowed us to change variants all at once, we use this app for a lot of our products, and allows us to have different discount structures depending on the item.

Having multiple options lets us list items for sale that some other websites can’t do. Some carts only allow items to be on sale as a fixed rate, where we can do multiple rates and we can show the sale price right there, not a “add to cart” option. As a result, we’ve seen average order value increase.

Travis Dulgerian – Owner, Pro Performance

Key Takeaways

  • AZ Pro Performance overcame Shopify’s limitations on product variants by using the Shopify Bulk Discounts app.
  • The app allowed for varied discount structures on different items, enhancing sales flexibility.
  • Notable features include the ability to apply discounts to multiple products simultaneously and to display sale prices directly.
  • The app’s functionality contributed to an increased Average Order Value (AOV) and encouraged customers to shop more during sales.

Challenges Faced by AZ Pro Performance:

AZ Pro Performance, a Shopify-based online store, faced challenges due to the limitations imposed by Shopify on the number of product variants. They required a solution that allowed them to manage discounts more effectively, especially for a diverse range of products.

Limited Variants:

Shopify’s constraints on the number of product variants were restrictive for AZ Pro Performance’s diverse inventory

Discount Management:

The need to apply different discount structures for various products was not adequately supported by Shopify’s native features.


AZ Pro Performance implemented the Shopify Bulk Discounts app, which provided:

Enhanced Variant Management:

The app enabled them to bypass Shopify’s variant limitations, allowing for greater product diversity.

Flexible Discount Structures:

They could set up different discount rates for different items, a capability not available in many other e-commerce platforms.

Direct Sale Price Display:

Unlike other platforms that only show discounts in the cart, the app allowed AZ Pro Performance to display sale prices directly on the product page.

Promotional Strategies:

The use of a “sale” icon next to product thumbnails in the collection was an effective marketing tool.


Increased Average Order Value:

Following the app’s integration, AZ Pro Performance noted an increase in the AOV, indicating that customers were inclined to purchase more during sales.

Enhanced Competitive Edge:

The flexibility in discounting and pricing provided by the app allowed AZ Pro Performance to offer deals that competitors could not, thanks to the unique discount structures and direct display of sale prices.


The Shopify Bulk Discounts app proved to be a valuable tool for AZ Pro Performance, addressing specific challenges around product variant limitations and discount management. By enhancing the flexibility and visibility of sales, the app played a crucial role in increasing customer purchases and giving AZ Pro Performance a competitive advantage in the online retail space.