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How Enhanced Sales and Margins with Shopify’s Advanced Tiered Discounting

Butters (Shea, Cocoa, Kombo), Black Soap, Coconut Oils, Recipe Kits and Books
Vancouver Island, Canada

Products used

Bulk Discount Manager

Easily schedule & automate discounts in bulk!

We offer sitewide tiered discounts based on product variants however, Shopify only allows us to apply the same discount uniformly across all variants of a product…The app enables us to tailor our discounts more precisely, allowing us to target specific products we wish to sell more of (e.g., clearing out a particular size). This strategy benefits our warehouse operations and profit margins, as it allows us to maintain full pricing on sizes we prefer not to discount

Cassidy Lowe, eCommerce Manager at Baraka Shea Butter

Key Takeaways

  • Baraka Shea Butters implemented tiered discounts based on product variants, which was not possible with Shopify’s standard discount settings.
  • The ability to set differentiated discounts for specific product variants was a game-changer.
  • The app allowed for targeted discounting, helping to clear specific inventory while maintaining full prices for other sizes, thus protecting profit margins.
  • This strategic discounting approach resulted in a high engagement rate with the discounted products.

Implementation and Usage:

Baraka Shea Butters, a retailer specializing in shea butter products, faced a challenge common in retail: how to effectively manage discounts across various product sizes and variants. Shopify’s native discount functionalities were limited to uniform discounts per product, not addressing the nuanced needs of Baraka Shea Butters inventory and sales strategy.

To overcome this limitation, turned to the Shopify Bulk Discounts app. The app’s advanced features enabled:

Tiered Discounts Based on Product Variants:

Allowing for larger discounts on bigger product sizes or specific variants.

Targeted Discounting Strategy:

This feature empowered the company to discount only specific items they wanted to sell more of, such as certain sizes or overstocked items.

Strategic Impact:

The differentiated discounting approach significantly aided inventory management and optimized profit margins. By offering discounts selectively, could maintain full prices


Baraka Shea Butters successful implementation of the Shopify Bulk Discounts app illustrates the power of a tailored discount strategy in e-commerce. By utilizing the app’s advanced discounting capabilities, the company was able to enhance its sales approach, improve inventory management, protect profit margins, and increase customer engagement. This case study underscores the importance of flexible and precise discounting tools in the modern retail landscape.