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Scoring Big with Smart Discounts: How Netted a 123% Sales Increase on Black Friday with our discounts app

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Manchester, United Kingdom

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I wanted a solution that would do a store wide discount automatically that I could set a timed ending on. I used the app with great success over the Black Friday weekend. Sales were 123% up this year compared with using a discount code offer in 2022. Customers seemed to like that the discounts were applied across the store rather than having to think about 20% off and the code.

Simon Gardner – Owner, CasualFootballShirts

Key Takeaways

  • sought an automated, store-wide discount solution with a timed ending feature.
  • The store-wide discount function proved ideal for weekend and short-term sales.
  • The app’s ease of use was highlighted as superior compared to other tried solutions.
  • Significant result: A 123% increase in sales during the Black Friday weekend compared to the previous year using a discount code system.

Implementation and Usage: operates in the niche market of football merchandise, where dynamic pricing strategies, especially during peak shopping periods like Black Friday, are crucial for driving sales. Before integrating the Shopify Bulk Discounts app, the store utilized traditional discount codes, which, while effective, had limitations in terms of customer convenience and sales maximization.

The primary requirement for was the automation of store-wide discounts with the ability to set specific durations. This was particularly important for short-term sales events such as weekend promotions or special sale days. The Shopify Bulk Discounts app was implemented to meet these needs, offering:

Automated Store-Wide Discounts:

Enabling discounts to be applied automatically across the entire store.

Timed Discount Features:

Allowing the store to set start and end times for the discounts, removing the need for manual discount code application.

Comparative Advantage:

Compared to other applications, found the Shopify Bulk Discounts app to be the most user-friendly and effective. The ease of setting up and managing discounts was a notable advantage.

Impact on Sales Performance:

The most significant impact was observed during the Black Friday weekend. The store experienced a remarkable 123% increase in sales compared to the previous year when a discount code system was used. This surge in sales was attributed to the straightforward nature of the store-wide discounts, which eliminated the need for customers to calculate discounts or remember codes.

Customer Response:

Customers responded positively to the simplicity of the discount application. The direct, visible reduction in prices across the store likely contributed to increased customer satisfaction and a higher conversion rate.


The case of demonstrates the significant impact of using the Shopify Bulk Discounts app in a specialized retail context. The app not only simplified the discount management process but also led to a substantial increase in sales and an improved customer experience. This case study underscores the effectiveness of user-friendly, automated discount solutions in maximizing sales during critical shopping periods.