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Fair Wind Fasteners: Maximizing Sales with Tier Discounts

Fair Wind Fasteners
Newport, Rhode Island, United States

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Upsell + Volume Discounts

Increase Average Order Value and Sell More with Upsells & Volume Discounts

“Tiered discounts have been integral to our revenue growth, encouraging customers to purchase more to reach the next discount level. Implementing the Upsell+ Volume Discounts app from the beginning has set us apart in the market, driving consistent increases in order values and customer retention.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

Company Overview

Fair Wind Fasteners is a specialized hardware store renowned for its extensive range of fasteners, including wood screws, nuts, bolts, and more.

Utilizing a strategic implementation of Volume Discounts since the store launched (with the amai Upsell + Volume Discounts app) has been integral to their business model, allowing them to build a unique market position.

Enabling customers to purchase exactly what they need—from a single piece to bulk quantities—Fair Wind Fasteners has effectively increased customer satisfaction and driven substantial sales growth. The app’s tiered discount system has been a cornerstone of their success, encouraging higher order values and setting them apart from competitors.

Key Takeaways

Increased Revenue: Implementing tiered discounts has significantly boosted sales by encouraging customers to purchase larger quantities to reach the next discount level.

Enhanced Customer Behavior: Flexible pricing has led to higher order values, with customers frequently adding more items to their carts to benefit from discounts.

Effective Marketing Strategy: Emphasizing the flexibility of tiered discounts in marketing efforts has resonated with customers and distinguished Fair Wind Fasteners from competitors.

Streamlined Operations: The ability to offer competitive pricing for various order sizes has improved inventory management and operational efficiency.

Strategic Advantage: Tiered discounts are particularly beneficial for businesses dealing in bulk sales, making them a valuable tool for boosting B2B transactions and overall sales.

Driving Revenue and Sales Growth

“Tiered discounts have been integral to our revenue growth, encouraging customers to purchase more to reach the next discount level.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

Since the inception of Fair Wind Fasteners, the Upsell+ Volume Discounts app has been a cornerstone of their sales strategy. Offering tiered discounts has proven crucial, especially for products like wood screws, where customers often need varying quantities.

By providing significant savings for larger purchases, the app encourages higher order values. Although it’s challenging to quantify the exact increase in revenue, the consistent rise in order values and customer retention underscores the app’s effectiveness.

Influencing Customer Behavior and Gathering Feedback

“We’ve seen customers add more to their carts to reach discount tiers, a clear indication that tiered pricing drives larger purchases.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

The introduction of tiered discounts has noticeably influenced customer purchasing behavior. Many customers tend to increase their order sizes to reach the next discount tier. For instance, a customer needing 80 pieces often opts for 100 to benefit from the discount, enhancing the overall sales volume. The flexibility in ordering also attracts customers who appreciate not being confined to pre-set package sizes, a common limitation with competitors.

Maximizing Marketing and Promotional Effectiveness

“Our marketing emphasizes the flexibility of our tiered discounts, which resonates strongly with customers looking for customized purchasing options.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

Fair Wind Fasteners has leveraged the unique selling proposition of offering flexible quantities coupled with tiered discounts as a core component of their marketing strategy. This flexibility sets them apart in a market where competitors typically offer fixed package sizes. Customer reviews frequently highlight the satisfaction of ordering precise quantities and still enjoying bulk discounts, showcasing the app’s value in their promotional efforts.

Streamlining Operations and Overcoming Challenges

The flexibility in pricing has allowed us to manage inventory better and cater to diverse customer needs without overstocking.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

While the app’s data has not been explicitly used for inventory management or forecasting, the inherent flexibility and increased sales volumes have streamlined operations. The ability to offer competitive pricing across various order sizes has simplified inventory decisions, ensuring that stock levels can be maintained more effectively.

Sharing Strategic Insights and Best Practices

“Implementing tiered discounts can significantly boost sales, especially for businesses selling in bulk. It’s a game-changer for B2B transactions.”

Robert Lehmann, Owner – Fair Wind Fasteners

For other store owners considering the Upsell+ Volume Discounts app, Fair Wind Fasteners offers clear advice: implement the app and observe the benefits. It’s particularly advantageous in industries where customers frequently purchase in bulk or require multiple parts. The app’s cost-effectiveness and potential to boost B2B sales make it an invaluable tool. While Fair Wind Fasteners hasn’t formally measured ROI, the app’s seamless integration and substantial sales impact justify its ongoing use.


Fair Wind Fasteners exemplifies how the strategic use of the Upsell+ Volume Discounts app can drive significant business growth. By offering tiered discounts and flexible order quantities, they have carved out a unique market position, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales volumes. For businesses in similar sectors, adopting this approach could yield comparable success, making the Upsell+ app a vital addition to their sales toolkit.