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How Lollygag Co. Leveraged Shopify Bulk Discounts for a 40% Surge in Revenue

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Key Takeaways

  • Lollygag Co. implemented the Shopify Bulk Discounts app to streamline their holiday discount strategy.
  • The app enabled efficient scheduling and management of rotating discounts, a feature not natively available in Shopify.
  • A noticeable feature was the countdown banner, enhancing customer awareness and urgency.
  • Sales increased by approximately 40% during the holiday season, though this was also influenced by increased advertising.
  • The app facilitated higher conversion rates, particularly with time-limited offers.

Lollygag is an online store and lifestyle brand founded by Leo, Kiko, and their son Kai, focusing on creating memorable dining experiences with a range of dinnerware and unique vintage finds.

They sought to enhance their sales strategy for the holiday season by implementing a tailored solution for creating and managing discounts. Before using the Shopify Bulk Discount Manager app , Lollygag struggled with the limitations of Shopify’s native discounting features, particularly in terms of scheduling and filtering.

Challenges Faced by Lollygag Co.

We were looking for a tailored solution for creating discounts for our online store for the holiday season.

Leon Rechter – Founder
Scheduling Limitations:

Shopify did not offer the flexibility required for scheduling various sales throughout the holiday season.

Discount Management:

The store needed a way to efficiently manage and rotate discounts on specific collections for limited periods.


Lollygag Co. chose the Shopify Bulk Discounts app after extensive research and review analysis. The app addressed their specific needs:

“During the holiday season, we implement rotating discounts, featuring specific collections on sale for a limited time. Manually achieving this through Shopify would have been nearly impossible. [The Bulk Discount Manager App] has streamlined the scheduling and planning of our sales, making it easy to prepare in advance. Furthermore, we appreciate the countdown banner, which clarifies ongoing sales for our clients and also creates a sense of urgency.”

Automated Discount Scheduling:

It allowed them to schedule sales in advance, a critical feature for their rotating discount strategy.

Streamlined Discount Management:

The app simplified the process of setting up sales, saving hours of manual work.

Countdown Banner Feature:

This added a sense of urgency and clarity for customers about ongoing sales.


Our sales increased by approximately 40% compared to the previous year. [Combined with] a significant investment in advertising, it’s evident that converting a customer became much easier when they reached the right product and were offered an attractive discount.

Sales Increase:

Lollygag Co. experienced a 40% increase in sales compared to the previous year. While part of this success was attributed to increased advertising, the ease of converting customers who found the right product at the right price was significant.

Conversion Rates:

The app’s flash sales feature was particularly effective. When customers found products through Google and were presented with a time-limited offer on Lollygag’s site, conversions typically followed within a day.


Lollygag Co.’s experience with the Shopify Bulk Discounts app highlights the importance of tailored, efficient discount management tools for e-commerce platforms. The app not only saved time but also significantly contributed to the increase in sales and conversion rates, particularly during the high-stakes holiday shopping season. This case study demonstrates the app’s value in enhancing customer experience and sales performance.