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Driving Sustainable Fashion: How Maison Hotel Utilizes Pre-Orders

Maison Hotel
Madrid, Spain

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“The Pre-order manager helps us a lot with inventory management, as we are now using it to help us reorder factories relying on the best selling products. It’s a way for us to not over produce and to not enter into this fast fashion idea that we as a brand don’t want to follow.”

Karina Meléndez, Design and Online Department – Maison Hotel

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Inventory Management: Pre-order data enabled Maison Hotel to make informed reordering decisions, maintaining optimal inventory levels and minimizing risks.
  • Sustainable Practices: By accurately gauging demand, Maison Hotel avoided overproduction, reducing waste and aligning with their slow fashion commitment.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Educating customers about the pre-order process increased their understanding and appreciation, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.


Maison Hotel, a Madrid-based fashion brand committed to sustainable and slow fashion, faced challenges in managing their inventory and meeting high demand without overproducing.

To address these issues, they adopted our Pre-Order app for Shopify, the Amai Pre-Order Manager. With it, they were able to better balance stock levels, reduce waste, and enhance the customer experience by aligning production with actual demand.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

Maison Hotel leveraged the Pre-Order Manager to streamline their inventory management and forecasting processes. With high-demand products like the Kalinda Dress and Berenice Blouse frequently selling out, the app provided a crucial tool for aligning production with actual demand.

Optimized Forecasting and Inventory Management

“The Pre-order app helps us a lot with inventory management, as we are now using it to help us reorder factories relying on the best selling products.”

Pre-order data enabled Maison Hotel to make informed decisions about reordering products from their factories. This allowed them to accurately forecast demand for best-selling items, ensuring optimal inventory levels and streamlining their supply chain to meet customer demand efficiently.

Reducing Overproduction

“It’s a way for us to not over produce and to not enter into this fast fashion idea that we as a brand don’t want to follow.”

By gauging demand through pre-orders, Maison Hotel produced only what was needed, minimizing waste and adhering to their commitment to slow fashion. This approach also improved cash flow and revenue efficiency by reducing costs associated with excess inventory.

Ensuring Continuous Sales During High-Demand Periods

“This app has been the perfect idea for high demand products, for example, this Kalinda Dress is our top seller right now and we have been able to sell it thanks to the app, as we didn’t have high stock to fulfill them all.”

The pre-order functionality allowed Maison Hotel to manage high-demand periods effectively by continuing sales even with low stock levels. This maintained sales momentum and customer satisfaction during peak times by keeping popular items available for purchase.

Improved Trust, Transparency and Stock Efficiency

“We have been informing some of our customers how this actual preorder process works, as it is not that common.”

“It’s not a lie not all customers feel happy about an item being on preorder, but most of them are starting to learn and to understand it better. It actually adds value to our culture as a brand.”

Maison Hotel invested time in educating their customers about the pre-order process. This proactive communication helped customers appreciate the value and purpose behind pre-orders.

Although some customers were initially hesitant about the pre-order system due to potential concerns over wait times and delivery reliability, Maison Hotel found that pre-orders offered significant benefits.

Customers began to understand that they were supporting a sustainable cause and appreciated the exclusivity of the products they were purchasing. This approach also increased brand trust, transparency, and loyalty while enabling better demand forecasting.


The Pre-Order Manager app has proven to be a valuable asset for Maison Hotel, helping them manage inventory effectively, enhance customer experience, and uphold their commitment to sustainability. With plans to refine and expand their use of pre-orders, Maison Hotel is well-positioned to continue benefiting from this strategic tool.

For more information about Maison Hotel, visit their website. To explore the Pre-Order Manager app, check it out on the Shopify App Store.