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Clearing E-Commerce Hurdles: Piaffe’s Winning Formula with Discount Manager

Stocking High-End Tack, Apparel, and Horsewear
Ontario, Canada

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Bulk Discount Manager

Easily schedule & automate discounts in bulk!

When we conduct large sales or plan to run promotions across various brands, ensuring timely and swift changes can be challenging. In addition to managing my store, I work full-time, which means I don’t always have the opportunity to manually initiate sales or price changes. Discount Manager has been a game-changer, allowing me to schedule events asynchronously and set up sales much more quickly than I could with bulk editing or CSVs.

Mallory Haigh, Founder of Piaffe – Dressage Lifestyle

Key Takeaways

  • streamlined its sales process by scheduling discounts in advance, a feature not available in Shopify’s basic functionalities.
  • The ability to pre-schedule sales and price changes was crucial for efficient time management, especially for the owner who juggles another full-time job.
  • The Discount Manager app facilitated perfect coordination between marketing campaigns and actual sales, ensuring no mismatch in timing., an equestrian supplies retailer, faced challenges in managing and timing sales promotions efficiently on its Shopify platform. The need for a more automated and less time-consuming approach was paramount, as the store owner balanced running the business with another full-time job. The standard Shopify setup did not offer the advanced scheduling and sales management features required for their specific needs.

This led to reduced operational stress, particularly during high-volume sales events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and improved customer engagement with discounted products.

Implementation and Usage

Advanced Scheduling for Discounts:

Enabling the business to set up sales well in advance, automatically activating and deactivating them at predetermined times.

The scheduling feature is a major priority for me, as it provides peace of mind by ensuring that my marketing campaigns and actual sales are perfectly coordinated. I no longer have to worry about sales starting or ending at the wrong time.

Seamless Integration with Marketing Efforts:

This allowed for sales to be perfectly timed with marketing campaigns, enhancing their effectiveness.

Strategic Impact:

The use of the Discount Manager app significantly streamlined sales management, reducing the time and effort required for manual sale setups. It also ensured sales were executed at precisely the right moments, in sync with marketing initiatives.

Customer Engagement:

The strategic and well-timed discounts led to increased customer engagement and sales, particularly during critical shopping periods like BFCM weekends. Customers responded favorably to the seamless shopping experience and well-coordinated discount offers.

Every BFCM weekend is a big time for us, and knowing that I can automatically trigger the start and end of a big sale keeps the stress down and allows me to focus on fulfilling orders and responding to customer inquiries. The engagement rate with discounted products has significantly increased, which has led to more sales, and by proxy more repeat customers once they fall in love with our product lines.


The implementation of the Amai Bulk Discounts Manager app by illustrates the significant benefits of advanced discount scheduling in e-commerce. This strategic approach not only saved time and reduced stress for the business owner but also led to increased customer engagement and sales. The case study highlights the importance of advanced sales management tools for efficient and effective e-commerce operations.