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How Leveraged Shopify’s Bulk Discount Scheduler for Streamlined Sales and Higher Conversions

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Vancouver, Canada

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Bulk Discount Manager

Easily schedule & automate discounts in bulk!

The bulk discount scheduler is a game-changer. It eliminates the manual labor of editing each product across various collections and makes participating in seasonal sales much easier. With clearer product discounts, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in conversions

Lisa – Undrground Athletics

Key Takeaways

  • faced challenges with manually editing prices for products across various collections.
  • The Bulk Discount Scheduler was crucial in reducing manual labor and avoiding the need to remember and amend prices.
  • Participation in seasonal sales became more manageable and effective.
  • Clearer product discounts led to increased conversion rates.

Implementation and Usage:, a player in the competitive athletic wear market, required an efficient method to manage pricing across its diverse product range. The manual adjustment of prices, especially during seasonal sales, posed significant operational challenges.

To streamline their pricing strategy, implemented the Shopify Bulk Discounts app. The app’s key feature, the Bulk Discount Scheduler, allowed them to:

Automate Price Adjustments:

Schedule changes in prices across different collections without manual intervention.

Effectively Plan Seasonal Promotions:

Simplify participation in seasonal sales by setting up discounts in advance.

Efficiency Gains:

The most significant benefit was the reduction in manual labor. By using the Bulk Discount Scheduler, the team at no longer needed to spend extensive time editing each product’s price, which was especially useful for large collections.

Impact on Sales and Conversion:

The clarity and visibility of discounts enhanced the customer shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates. This improvement was particularly noticeable during seasonal sales, where the straightforward discounting process made promotional offers more attractive to customers.

Conclusion:’s experience with the Shopify Bulk Discounts app showcases the significant operational efficiencies and sales benefits that can be achieved with the right technological solution. By automating and streamlining the discounting process, the app not only saved time and effort but also positively impacted sales performance, especially during critical promotional periods.