How to add Bundle & Wholesale Discounts on Shopify

Shopify bundle discounts group different products together to qualify them for a deal. A bundle discount may look like, “get 20% off with any hat and sunglasses combo”. Shopify bundle discounts are a great way to move stock and increase sales. 

For example, if it’s coming to the end of summer and you still have large volumes of bucket hats in stock whilst sunglasses sales are doing well, the above discount would be a helpful tool to shift stubborn inventory by enticing customers to purchase popular products and take the less popular ones. 

This will increase revenue, add value to your sales, and solve warehousing issues all at the same time. 

Shopify bundle discounts are particularly effective within Shopify wholesale stores, as your customers are already looking for multiple products. They will likely increase their order quantity when discounts are offered, so a bundle discount is a great way to amplify Shopify wholesale relationships. 

You can offer Shopify bundle discounts to your customers in a few simple steps. There’s just one decision to make, whether you do this via the built-in Shopify discount settings or use an integrated Shopify bundle app. 

We’ll run through how to activate a Shopify bundle discount using both, so you can decide which will work best for your online store and Shopify wholesale business. 

Continue reading for full insight into Shopify bundle discounts.

Add a Shopify Bundle Discount in Settings

There are some discounts that can be activated within Shopify’s built-in settings. This is a straightforward way to apply a Shopify bundle discount when you only need to run one offer at a time. 

In your Shopify admin section, go to ‘Discounts’ in the left-hand menu bar. 

Click ‘Create Discount’ and choose ‘Buy X Get Y’ product discount. As you go through the set-up, select the following options: 

Method: Select automatic discount

Customer buys: Select minimum quantity of items (e.g. 1 item from ‘sunglasses collection’)

Customer gets: E.g. 1 item from ‘1 item from ‘hat collection’ at a discounted value of ‘20%’.  

Combinations: No combinations, combine with other product discounts, or combine with shipping discounts

Active days: Set a start and end date 

Save the product and your Shopify bundle discount will be applied throughout your online store or Shopify wholesale store. 

Add a Shopify Bundle Discount with a Shopify App

Quantity Breaks & Discounts is a fantastic app specifically designed to apply discounts throughout your Shopify wholesale or regular store. 

Follow these steps to set up a Shopify bundle discount using our recommended app: 

Go to Apps in the left-hand menu pane of your admin dashboard and you’ll see ‘Quantity Breaks & Discounts’. When you click on the app, you’ll see your discount dashboard. 

Click ‘create tier’ and you’ll be taken to your discount options. 

A Shopify bundle discount is the same as ‘Mix and Match’, where it explains that you can offer a discount from a combination of any selected products.

Once you’ve selected ‘Mix and Match’, move through the following options: 

Discount setting: Apply a discount on total value 

Tier conditions: Input the number of products that need to be purchased, then the percentage or value they’ll be discounted in return 

Applies to: This is where you choose what the bundle discount will apply to, from specific products/variants, collections, tags, vendors, all available products, or your entire store. 

If you were to use the “get 20% off with any hat and sunglasses combo” example, you would select specific products. 

Select products:

That’s the basic steps complete.

The following steps will allow you to customize your offer for an eye-catching appearance, and limit your offer to specific times or locations if required. 

Customize your discount appearance: Create 1-click upsell alerts with branded call-to-actions and visually attractive discount tables. 

Restrict by: Locations and timeframes

Finally, select ‘create tiered pricing’ and your discounts will be applied throughout your store or Shopify wholesale store.

Shopify Built-in Discounts vs Shopify App Discounts

You’ll see from the previous guides that there are not many differences between setting up a discount using Shopify’s built-in settings versus using an integrated app to activate a Shopify bundle discount. 

The differences you’ll see between built-in discounts and app discounts become more prevalent when managing them and needing to add more. 

Benefits of using a Shopify bundle discount app

Using a Shopify bundle discount app provides more opportunities to customize your discounts and extend them across multiple circumstances. They have been designed with the purpose to add value to your store, so you can expect to see features that Shopify’s built-in settings don’t have. 

Some of the additional benefits of Quantity Breaks & Discounts are: 

1. 1-Click Upsell

Add a call to action that encourages customers to buy more products to get a discount. 1-Click upsell automatically adds the required number of products to the user’s cart on click and can be fully customized to suit your store.

2. Give discounts for multiple product variants

Have control over your discounts and choose whether a customer can buy multiple product variants with a discount or only their similar variants. 

3. Product tags

You can add a unique product tag to all products that have discounts available. This helps organize your discounts throughout your store and helps them stand out more to customers. 

4. Countdown Timer

Build hype ahead of your upcoming sale with a countdown timer. This will create a sense of urgency and motivate your customers to buy more. 

Display a customized countdown timer throughout your online store and Shopify wholesale store to build a buzz! 

5. 24/7 customer support

On the rare occasion that you face an issue when using the app, the app development team (real humans) will be on hand 24/7 to provide customer support and get it resolved. 

Limitations of Shopify Built-in Discounts

As you can see, there are a number of amazing benefits to choosing a discount app for your online store and Shopify wholesale business. These features not only simplify the management of discounts but also offer great marketing techniques to promote the discount and boost sales. 

Some limitations of the built-in Shopify bundle discount include:

1. Non-customizable display

Shopify will automatically add the discount text to your product pages. You won’t be able to choose how it appears or add a catchy title to draw the attention of your customers.

2. No discount variants

You can’t apply discounts to specific product variants within the built-in settings. If you have a collection of men’s trousers, you can’t apply a discount to a color variant, for example, purple only because they’re not selling. The discount will be applied to all men’s trousers. 

3. Product value only

When setting up your Shopify bundle discount, you’ll notice that you will only be able to apply the discount to a specific product value. There isn’t the option to apply a discount to the total order amount, which limits the types of bundles you can offer. 

4. Unclear setup

When applying the discount in Shopify’s built-in settings, it’s hard to identify whether your discount will be offered and implemented as a bundle discount. This guide is intended to walk you through that process, otherwise, it is unclear as to what type of discount will be applied, e.g. bundle or buy x get y. 

Final Thoughts

Applying discounts to your online store and Shopify wholesale store can make you feel a certain amount of pressure, and we get that. Setting up discounts should be a simple process that allows you to feel confident that each discount will be integrated smoothly throughout your online store. 

If you’re only running one discount for a limited amount of time, then Shopify’s built-in settings should suffice. This no-frills method will apply a discount to your selected Shopify bundle items, as long as you follow the correct steps. 

Using a specifically-designed, integrated Shopify app not only adds the discount but does the marketing for you. Through customized features that promote the discount across your online store and Shopify wholesale store, you will boost sales without having to spend your marketing budget. 

What’s more, you can easily manage multiple discounts at the same time via the straightforward user platform that can be accessed from your Shopify admin. 

Try Quantity Breaks & Discounts for free with a 14-day free trial available when you search the app in Shopify. You’ll also get access to demo videos to guide you through the setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run different types of discounts at the same time? 

When using an integrated Shopify app, not only can you run multiple discounts simultaneously, but you can also offer different types of discounts across your products. 

These include: 

-Mix and match (Shopify bundle)
-Free gifts
-Discounts on a $ or % base
-Buy x get y 

You can run each discount in conjunction with one another, or limit discounts to one offer per order. 

What are the benefits of Shopify bundle discounts?

There are a number of benefits to running bundle discounts, such as: 
Increased brand exposure: A bundle discount can elevate your brand to reach a broader range of customers, as it is more likely to encourage conversations about your products. 
Customer satisfaction: Discounts are a great way to tell your customers that you value that they have chosen to shop with you, which tends to encourage them to spend more. 
Customer loyalty: When choosing between purchasing from a company that is selling a product at full price, or a company that has applied a discount to the product, then consumers are more likely to choose the discounted option. This, in return, encourages the customer to return to your store in the future. 

How can I personalize the offer? 

When using the Quantity Breaks and Discounts app, you will have access to a choice of templates and design options to personalize how your offer appears to your customers. 

You can change the colorways to represent your brand, design the layout, and edit the text. The display is fully-customizable to suit your needs. 

When you download the app and it appears under ‘Apps’ in your sidebar, go to ‘Design’ and you’ll see a choice of templates, description text editor, background colors, text colors, and more.