How to apply discounts to specific products on Shopify

Creating a discount for specific products is a simple and easy process. While Shopify does provide the ability to do so by default, free Shopify apps, such the Bulk Discount Manager, can help streamline the discount creation process. In this article, you’ll learn all the essentials for creating a product-specific discount in Shopify.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

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Applying Discounts to Specific Products

Follow these steps to apply product specific discounts in Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Discounts’ area in your Shopify store Dashboard.
  2. Click the “Create Discount” button. Either of the options (Automatic or Discount code) can be used.
  3. Give Your Discount a Name and Type
  4. Choose the “Specific products” option for the Discount.
  5. Select the product(s) the discount will apply for.
  6. Review and Activate your Discount

Step 1) Navigate to “Discounts” in the left-hand menu.

Step 2) Create a New Discount

When you’re in the discount area, just click the “Create discount” button above the list with all of your discounts. A popup will show with the option to select either an “Automatic discount” or “Discount code”.

Automatic discounts apply automatically to all products that meet the criteria.

Discount codes are coupon codes that give customers that have them a discount when they use them at checkout for eligible products.

You can choose whichever one suits you as both can be applied to specific products only.

Step 3) Give Your Discount a Name and Type

The first thing you need to do when making a discount gives it a title, in the case of an automatic discount, or a coupon code, in case of a discount code. Both will be visible to your customers during checkout, so make sure to use something exciting, descriptive, and memorable (if using a coupon code).

Next, you will have to specify the type of discount. The options are:

  • Percentage
  • Fixed value
  • Free shipping
  • Buy X Get Y

All should be self-explanatory. Free shipping is the only type that doesn’t support specific discounts, however, you can limit eligible products using other settings.

You will need to enter a value for Percentage and Fixed value discounts first.

Step 4) Choose “Specific products” for the Discount

Setting up product-specific discounts for Percentage and Fixed Value discounts will be nearly identical. Right underneath where you entered the value, you will see “APPLIES TO” with three options. Check the “Specific products” option and then click the “Browse” button.

If you’re making a Buy X get Y discount, you will have a “Customer spends/buys” panel instead. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the “minimum quantity of items” or “minimum purchase amount option” as both will work.

After entering either the amount or quantity, click on the drop down and select the “Specific products” option.

Step 5) Select the Specific Product(s)

Another window will pop up with a list of all the products available in your store. You can either search for a product by typing the name in the search bar at the top or just scroll through all the items.

Check the box to the left of the product picture to select/unselect it. You can select as many individual products as you want this way. Also, note that selecting a product will auto-select all of its variants.  When you’re happy with your selection, just click the “Add” button. 

You can also click “Cancel” to go back to your discount settings and you can repeat this process as many times as you want to add/remove products.

For a Buy X get Y discount, repeat the process to also specify what extra items the customer gets for free/at a discounted rate.

Step 6) Finish up Your Discount

There are a few important settings left before launching your promotion. Customer eligibility allows you to specify which customer will qualify for the discount. Usage limits lets you say whether a particular discount can only be used a maximum number of times and limit each customer to only one redemption.

Finally, you can also set the duration of the discount bay choosing a start or end date according to which the discount will automatically become active and deactivate, respectively.

While you can create basic discounts with the standard Shopify discount tool, the Bulk Discount Manager adds many useful features. For features like auto-tagging, custom sales badges, one-click bulk discounts, and bulk management try the Bulk Discount Manager for free from the app market.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

Looking for a better way to create and schedule discounts in shopify?
Try the Bulk Discount Manager by amai

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