How to apply discounts to specific products on Shopify

Creating and applying a Shopify discount code for a specific product is a simple and easy process. While Shopify does provide the ability to do so by default, free Shopify apps, such as the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager, can help streamline the discount creation and management process. 

Specific product discount codes are an effective way to sell underperforming products, excess inventory, and old stock to make way for new releases. 

Applying a discount code to a specific product is also a great way to market your brand. In fact, a study by Statista found that 93% of US consumers use a discount code and 75% of consumers search their email inboxes to find relevant product discount codes.

So, how can you start benefiting from a Shopify discount code for a specific product? 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps on how to add discounts in Shopify so you can start promoting your discounted products throughout your online store. 

Applying A Shopify Discount Code For A Specific Product

There are a couple of ways to apply a Shopify discount code for a specific product, but the most effective is by using a specifically-designed discount app, available through Shopify, that will smoothly integrate with any Shopify theme. 

We’re going to run through how to add a discount in Shopify using the Shopify Bulk Discount Manager from the app store, which will allow you to apply product discounts and schedule sales, with savvy marketing features to promote the deals at no additional cost.

Ready to add product discounts in Shopify? Continue reading for a fast and simple guide.  

1) Add ‘Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’ to your Shopify apps

Once you’ve logged into your Shopify admin, head to ‘Apps’ in the left-hand menu and search for the “Bulk Discount & Sales Manager” app. Click ‘Add app’ and it will appear in your Shopify admin dashboard.

2) Navigate to ‘Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’

Back in your admin section, you’ll find Bulk Discount & Sales Manager. Click on the app and you’ll be taken to your new bulk discount management dashboard. 

3) Create a New Discount Rule

Once you’re in the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager dashboard, go to ‘My Rules’ in the top menu. Click on ‘create rule’ and you’ll be taken to ‘discount rule settings’ where you can customize your new discount. 

Choose a rule name and how your customers will view it at check-out.

Then customize the type of discount you would like to offer. Rules can be based on a percentage or fixed amount discount, with the option to set the discount based on: 

Current price: Discounts will be calculated based on the Price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

Compare at price: Discounts will be calculated based on the Compare at Price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

4) Choose what products the discount applies to

You can select from:

  • Products and variants
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Vendors
  • Whole store
  • Advance filter

Use the search bar to navigate through your products and select as many as you would like the discount applied to. This can be from one product to your entire online store.

5) Customize your discount rule

Navigate through the optional settings to customize your discount. Here, you can:

Add a discount period: Choose a start date, end date, and whether you want to repeat the discount 

Add a countdown timer: Create urgency by displaying a Countdown Timer on your product page. Fully customize the timer display to market your discount in line with your brand.

Add discount price rounding: Round your discount to the nearest value

Add product tags: Display sales badges on products to promote the discount 

6) Check the final details in the summary and click ‘save’

Your new discount rule can now be easily managed in the ‘Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’ dashboard. Follow these steps and create as many rules as required throughout your online store,  with access to beneficial marketing features and bulk management to allow you to maximize the potential of your Shopify discount code for specific products. 

Discount Codes, Are They Worth It?

Choosing whether to introduce a Shopify discount code for a specific product versus an automatic discount can be a tough decision. Discount codes can take more planning, but they are an effective way to market your brand and sell slow-moving inventory.

In fact, a study from Juniper Research has found that the value of digital coupon codes will surge to $91 billion by 2022. That’s a lot of people taking advantage of a Shopify discount code, so it’s safe to say they bring success when done properly. 

How you market your Shopify discount code is a key factor to take into consideration if you want to dramatically boost sales. A discount code could be viewed negatively if it appears obvious the product hasn’t been previously successful, so it’s important to use clever marketing tactics when generating your code. 

For example, using a discount code that relates to the current or upcoming season resonates with consumers and won’t likely come with negative implications. Consumers will disassociate the discount from the product and associate it with the upcoming holiday, making them more likely to make the purchase. 

When you add Bulk Discount & Sales Manager to your Shopify, you’ll not only be able to easily manage your Shopify discount codes, but you’ll gain access to a number of beneficial features to effectively market the discounts too. These include a countdown timer to build hype, display remaining quantities on specific product pages, and add sales badges to product pages and collections. 

These helpful tools are simple techniques that will promote your Shopify discount code without burning a hole in your marketing budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit discount settings?

Yes, you can edit discounts manually in Shopify’s built-in settings. However, if you’d prefer an easy-to-use bulk management system, add Bulk Discount & Sales Manager to your apps and you’ll be able to edit your discount settings from one, simple dashboard in the back end of your Shopify store. 

Can I send discount codes to a select group of customers?

You can group customers together through Shopify’s customer segmentation tool. Use your analytics to understand your customers and group them together based on shared demographics, interests, and spending habits. For a detailed breakdown on grouping customers together, visit the Shopify help centre on ‘customer segmentation. 

Are there any limits to the number of discounts I can create?

There are no limits with the Bulk Discount Manager. You can create as many discounts as you need and run them in conjunction with one another throughout your online store.