How-To Create Discount Codes on Shopify

Want to make the most out of your next sale? Utilizing discount codes is an effective way of engaging customers to make a purchase while getting a great deal on the items they want.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a unique discount code on your Shopify store, both individually and in bulk. With these tips you’ll save time, money, and effort running campaigns. 

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Creating Discount Codes on Shopify

There are two ways you can use to create a unique discount code for Shopify.

  1. Using Shopify’s native discount builder. 
  2. Using a free or paid app from the Shopify App store.

Creating discount code in Shopify’s admin dashboard is not a complicated task. Simply jump to your Shopify dashboard, click on the Discount setting, choose your preferred discount code types, and type the promo code you want to use.

Shopify also offers the ‘Generate Code’ option. It allows you to quickly create a random discount code. But, if it’s that easy, what’s the need to use an app to create a Shopify discount code?

How to create Discount Codes using Discount Manager Shopify Apps

One of the biggest inefficiencies of Shopify’s native discount builder is that only one discount code can be created at a time and you’ll need to create a new discount code for each product.

If you’re looking to save time on scheduling and setting up your discount codes, it’s best to use apps like the Shopify Bulk Discount Manager

The bulk discount code generator is one of many useful tools that comes packed with this app. 

Other than generating discount codes in bulk, one of the best parts of this app is you get a lot of additional options such as code length, prefixes, suffixes, and character types. 

How should you name your discount codes?

While generating a completely random discount code is great if you’re looking to get something setup fast, for the best results, it’s better to use a term related to the discount or your store that customers will find memorable. Here’s some great examples of discount codes to inspire your next sale campaign. 

Store name specific discount codes

Let’s use for example the bag brand “Bellroy”, some discount code names could be: BellRoy123, BetterBags123

Sale specific discount codes

Let’s use for example Black Friday / Cyber Monday, some discount code names could be : BLACKFRIDAY123, CYBERSALE123,  MONDAYMADNESS123

Using a memorable discount code name will also pay off in your marketing efforts. An appealing, straightforward discount code name should help to convey: 

  1. What products the sale is for. For example, is the sale product specific or storewide?
  2. The discount amount. Generally a percentage amount works best.

If these details are clear in your discount code, your marketing can be less focused on explaining the sale and add more emphasis on the code itself, making it more memorable and encouraging customers to take action.

Tips for running better discount sales in Shopify

Schedule and manage discounts in bulk using the Shopify Bulk Discount Manager, you can save time and money as well as achieve quick ROI with its help. Here are more features of this app:

1. Manage Sales

When you run multiple sales, it is difficult to keep track of them all and manage them in a timely manner. 

However, using Shopify Bulk Discount Manager, you can manage all your sales in one place and set up the rules for each sale.

2. Schedule Your Sales

You can schedule all your sales in advance by adding different dates to different products and discount types. 

This is a great way to ensure that you’re always promoting your sales at the best time.

You can also schedule certain types of sales, such as Black Friday sales or Shopify Cyber Monday sales.

3. More Customization Options

You can add badge colors, quantity, discount types, etc. All according to your business needs.

Customization options will save you time as you won’t have to make the same edits repeatedly. You can also change these details on the fly, anytime.

Shopify Bulk Discount Manager makes it easy to change and update your sale details in real time.

4. Get Instant Reports

As soon as you set up a sale, you will get instant reports showing all the sales details, including how many units you sell, your profit, etc. You can even export this data to CSV or PDF format for further analysis.

A sales analysis can be a very useful way to get to know your customers better. For example, you can find out what they like most, what they don’t like at all, and so on. 

You can also discover any trends in your sales and devise ways to better serve your customers.

5. Set Up Countdown Timer

Countdown timer gives your customers a sense of urgency. Believe it or not, setting up a countdown timer can boost your sales and increase the overall conversion rate.

You can also set up a weekly or daily countdown timer for each sale. If you don’t have any idea about the number of days left for the sale, you can get a personalized countdown timer by choosing the time range.

How Can You Avoid Coupon Abuse with Unique Discount Code?

One of the major advantages of using a discount code app is that you can generate a unique discount code for each sale. This unique discount code is effective in reducing coupon abuse and making your discounts more appealing to your customers.

Coupon abuse is when someone uses several email addresses to get discounts. They can also abuse your other coupon policy, which can decrease your profit margin.

That’s why apps such as Bulk Discount Code Generator can be an excellent addition to your shop. You can use it to create a unique discount code for each order and prevent coupon abuse.

Want to Attract More Customers?

Discount codes are a great way to attract more customers. It’s also a great way to increase sales and your profit margin.

Shopify apps like Bulk Discounts & Sales Manager and Bulk Discount Code Generator can help you create special offers and promotions. You can also monitor promo codes you create.

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