How to add storewide and individual discounts on Shopify

If you’ve just created you’re Shopify Store and want to start offering customers discounts to help entice more sales, this article has you covered. We’ll take you through step-by-step how to create a discount in Shopify, as well as share some essential tips to help get you started.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

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Adding storewide and individual discounts to your Shopify store

While much of this functionality comes standard with Shopify, this plugin provides extra features that make managing a store so much easier. Think auto-tagging discounted orders, custom-built sales badges, and one-click bulk discounts. You can try all features of the app completely free here.

Step 1) Log in to Shopify and Launch Create a Discount

On your Shopify store dashboard, go to the “Discounts” page. Next, click the “Create discount” button in the top right corner to launch the “Create discount” popup. The Discounts dashboard is where you can create, manage, and edit all your discounts.

Step 2) Choose What Discount You Want to Create

By default, Shopify enables you to create either Discount codes or Automatic discounts. Be sure to choose the discount that best suits your needs.

Step 3) Choose a Name and Type of Discount

Depending on which option you went within the previous step, you will either need to create a discount code or title for an automatic discount. Both will be visible to shoppers, so make sure that they are descriptive and match the relevant marketing material.

Another important decision you need to make is what type of discount you want to create. There are options for Percentage, Fixed amount, Free shipping (for discount codes only), and Buy X get Y discounts/deals. 

For percentage or fixed amounts discounts, just add the value of the discount. For buy-x-get-y discounts, you can set the discount value under “AT A DISCOUNTED VALUE” after choosing the applicable products.

Before proceeding, note that Percentage and Fixed amount discounts are very straightforward, but there are some unique considerations when creating storewide discounts with free shipping or Buy X get Y deals:

  1. Free shipping: Because free shipping can apply to orders with multiple products, this discount will automatically be storewide. However, you can set limitations by adjusting the available countries, maximum shipping rate, as well as the other requirements that apply to all discounts.
  2. Buy X get Y: This type of deal is unique because you have to select which products or collections come free with which other products or collections. As such, there is no storewide option.

Step 3.A) Set a Storewide Discount

Percentage or Fixed amount discounts

If you went with either of these discount types, just check the “All products” checkbox and you’re good to go:

Free Shipping

Free Shipping will automatically apply to products storewide.

Buy X Get Y

There is no storewide option for this discount type.

Step 3.B) Set an Individual Discount

Percentage or Fixed Amount Discounts

Under “APPLIES TO”, you can check either the “Specify collections” checkbox or the “Specify products” box. Then, click the “Browse” button and that will open up a window with all either all the collections or products on your Shopify store.

From here, you can either search for specific collections/products or scroll through the options. Just check the box next to the item(s) you want the discount to apply to and click “Add” when you’re done:

Free Shipping

Cannot select individual discounts with free shipping offers.

Buy X Get Y

Under the “Customer buys/spends” box, you will first need to specify either the minimum number of items or total spend for the customer to be eligible. Based on that, you can then click the “Browse” button to search for and add products in the same way:

And, that’s how you can create either storewide or individual discounts for your next campaign. Remember, that you can refine the products that the discount applies to further by using the other options, such as:

  • Minimum purchase amount or quantity
  • Eligible customers
  • Usage limits, and
  • Active dates

Once your discounts are active, Bulk Discount Manager makes it easier to track and analyze its performance by auto-tagging discounted orders. You can also set up more advanced discounts with discount sequences or regularly scheduled discounts. A drag-and-drop badges editor also gives you more artistic license to market your sales with. Test drive the Bulk Discount Manager for free to try all of these, and other features.

The easiest way to create and schedule discounts on Shopify

Looking for a better way to create and schedule discounts in shopify?
Try the Bulk Discount Manager by amai

Manage Discounts in Bulk on Shopify
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