How to add storewide and individual discounts on Shopify

Storewide and individual discounts are a useful Shopify tool to shift excess or slow-moving inventory, generate hype during holiday seasons, and clear stock whilst increasing revenue. 

The benefits of using product discounts as a marketing tool speak for themselves. Kim Zorn, Global Performance Director for Princess Polly (an Australian and US online clothing retailer) told Business Insider that when customers are offered a discount code at checkout, “it keeps the customer on the page, applies the discount code automatically, and therefore improves conversion rates”. 

What’s more, product and storewide discounts are an effective way to gain new and retain exisiting customers. This is particularly prevalent as ProfitWell found that the cost of new customer acquisition has increased almost 50% in the past five years, heightening the important of utilising cheap and effective tools to retain customers. 

If you’ve just created your Shopify Store and want to start offering customers discounts to help acquire new customers and entice more sales, this article has you covered. We’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to add storewide and individual discounts to all products in Shopify using a specifically-designed Shopify discount app. 

Continue reading for our guide on how to apply Shopify discounts to all products across your online store. 

Apply Discounts To All Shopify Products In A Few Simple Steps

Adding a discount to your Shopify store can be done in a number of ways. There’s Shopify’s built-in discount feature, which you can access in the left-hand menu of your Shopify admin section. This offers basic discount creation and management. 

However, to fully maximise the potential of offering discounts throughout your Shopify store, there are a number of specifically-designed apps available in the Shopify app store. 

Bulk Discount & Sales Manager app provides extra features that make managing and optimizing discounts throughout your online store so much easier. Think auto-tagging products where the discount is applied, customized sales badges to promote the discount throughout your online store, and the ability to manage unlimited discounts from one, easy-to-use dashboard that will automatically appear in your admin section. 

You can try all features of the app completely free here. But, before you do that, we’ll take you through a few simple steps on how to apply discounts to all Shopify products, so you don’t have to waste any time in setting up your discounts. 

1) Add ‘ Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’ to your Shopify apps

Once you’ve logged into your Shopify admin, head to ‘Apps’ in the left-hand menu and search Bulk Discount & Sales Manager app

Click ‘Add app’ and it will appear in your Shopify admin dashboard.

2) Navigate to ‘Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’

Back in your admin section, you’ll find Bulk Discount & Sales Manager. Click on the app and you’ll be taken to your new bulk discount management dashboard. 

3) Create a New Discount Rule

Once you’re in the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager dashboard, go to ‘My Rules’ in the top menu. Click on ‘create rule’ and you’ll be taken to ‘discount rule settings’ where you can customise your new discount. 

Choose a rule name and how your customers will view it at check-out.

Then customise the type of discount you would like to offer. Rules can be based on a percentage or fixed amount discount, with the option to set the discount based on: 

Current price: Discounts will be calculated based on the price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

Compare at price: Discounts will be calculated based on the Compare at Price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

4) Choose what products the discount applies to

This is where you can decide whether to apply discounts to individual products or your entire online store. You’ll get the options to choose from:

  • Products and variants
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Vendors
  • Whole store
  • Advance filter

Use the search bar to navigate through your products and select as many as you would like the discount applied to. 

5) Customize your discount rule

Navigate through the optional settings to customise your discount. Here, you can:

Add a discount period: Choose a start date, end date, and whether you want to repeat the discount 

Add a countdown timer: Create urgency by displaying a Countdown Timer on your product page. Fully customise the timer display to market your discount in line with your brand.

Add discount price rounding: Round your discount to the nearest value

Add product tags: Display sales badges on products to promote the discount 

6) Check the final details in the summary and click ‘save’

Once your discounts are active, Bulk Discount Manager makes it easier to track and analyze its performance by auto-tagging discounted orders. You can also set up more advanced discounts with discount sequences or regularly scheduled discounts. 

A drag-and-drop badge editor also gives you more artistic license to market your sales. Test drive the Bulk Discount Manager for free to try all of these, and other features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run different types of discounts at the same time? 

– Yes, you can do this both using Shopify’s built-in settings and using Bulk Discount Manager.
– When using Bulk Discount Manager, not only can you run multiple discounts simultaneously, but you can also offer different types of discounts across your products (e.g. Shopify volume discount + free gifts). You can run each discount in conjunction with one another, or limit discounts to one offer per order. 
– Shopify has also introduced the option for combination discounts within their built-in settings, where you can combine Shopify progressive discounts with other product discounts or shipping discounts. 

How many times do product-specific discount codes apply to a checkout cart?

A product discount will automatically be applied to all quantities on a product when the customer gets to check out, unless you refine the eligibility when creating the discount rule. 
With the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager, you can refine the products that the discount applies to by using the other options, such as:
– Minimum purchase amount or quantity
– Eligible customers
– Usage limits, and
– Active dates 

How do I know what discount rules or codes are used the most?

You can fully customize your discount rules and coupon codes to best suit the needs of your online store, in line with your brand. If you want to learn more about the best discount codes of 2022, read our guide on what codes to use and how they’ll benefit your online store.