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Pre-Order Discounts

Boost pre-order sales and customer interest by applying discounts to pre-order products.

Boost Pre-Order Sales with Discounts

  • Improved Customer Engagement

    Encourage customers to make purchases before stock arrives with added value. Generate early sales, build excitement, and ensure a successful product launch by creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

  • Flexible Discount Management

    Apply various types of discounts, such as percentage-based or fixed-amount reductions, specifically to pre-order items. Giving you the flexibility to tailor promotions for different customer segments and maximize sales potential.

  • Boost Customer Loyalty

    Reward those who commit to purchasing early and foster a stronger connection with customers. Encourage repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals with Pre-Order Discounts.

How to Apply Discounts to Pre-Order Products

Read the step-by-step guide here ↗


Select Products

Find the Products or Variants you want to enable Pre-Order Discounts and open the Pre-Order Settings Editor


Set Discount Amount

Set the discount amount (percentage or fixed amount) you want to apply to the pre-order products.


Save and Review

Save your discount settings to apply them and double-check on your storefront the the discounts are visible.

Top Stores,
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with Pre-Orders

Discover how stores like yours are thriving with Pre-Orders. Read our insights and case studies below.

“Tiered discounts have been integral to our revenue growth, encouraging customers to purchase more to reach the next discount level. Implementing the Upsell+ Volume Discounts app from the beginning has set us apart in the market, driving consistent increases in order values and customer retention.” Company Overview Fair Wind Fasteners is a specialized hardware store…

“The pre-order app has allowed us to offer products that might be delayed and are part of an upcoming launch or promotion. This has helped us stick to our marketing plans while still being able to offer new products to our customers.” Company Overview Frances Valentine is a contemporary fashion brand known for its unique…

“The Pre-order manager helps us a lot with inventory management, as we are now using it to help us reorder factories relying on the best selling products. It’s a way for us to not over produce and to not enter into this fast fashion idea that we as a brand don’t want to follow.” Key…

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