How to Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders on Shopify

If you want to set up discounts for bulk orders to clear stock and get shoppers charging back to your online store, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you how to apply discounts to bulk orders, whether you’re using coupon codes or automatic discounts with percentage, fixed value, and other discount types.

Before we begin, you should know that bulk orders are available using standard Shopify discounts. However, features like bulk managing discounts, discount price-rounding, and auto-tagging discounted orders are not. For these and other cool capabilities, such as creating your own custom sales badges, check out the Bulk Discount Manager and explore all its features here.

Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders

Step 1) Access your Shopify dashboard and Create a Discount

So, the first step is to log into your Shopify dashboard and then to navigate to the discounts section by clicking “Discounts” in the left hand menu. From there, you’ll see a “Create discount” button in the top right corner that you can click to continue.

Step 2) Choose a Discount Code or Automatic Discount

You’ll get a prompt with the option to pick either a Discount code or Automatic discount.  Either option is fine as you can set up bulk orders for both types.

The names are fairly self-explanatory. By choosing a Discount code, you’ll set up a coupon code that users can copy and paste at checkout to get a discount. With Automatic discounts, you can auto-apply discounts to select products and orders without any user intervention.

Step 3) Configure Your Discount Type

The setup for both options above is nearly identical. The first step is to enter a coupon code for a discount code or a title for an automatic discount. Shoppers will see both during checkout so make sure they are descriptive for your own purposes and provide a good user experience.

Next you can decide what type of discount you want by choosing how it should be calculated. The options are:

  • Percentage
  • Fixed value
  • Free shipping
  • Buy X get Y

*Insert a picture of the type panel here

Again, you can choose any option as it won’t make a big difference when setting up the bulk discount later on. For Percentage and Fixed value discounts, make sure that you add the value of the discount. And, for Free shipping, make sure that you specify the correct countries as well as the maximum discount (if it applies).

Step 4) Set the Bulk Order Requirement for Your Discount

For Percentage, Fixed value, and Free shipping discounts, you should see a “Minimum requirements” box. For all three, just tick the “Minimum quantity of items” option and type in the minimum numbers of items in the order for the discount to apply. 

For example, if you type “3”, the shopper will need at least 3 separate items in their cart to be eligible for the discount.

If you went with a Buy X get Y discount, you will see a “Customer buys” panel. Just like the others, tick the “Minimum quantity of items” option. Then configure the discount as usual.

Step 5) Finalize and Create Your Discount

On top of making bulk orders a requirement to receive a discount, you can change additional settings to control who, and how many, shoppers are eligible for the discount.

Customer eligibility allows you to specify that either all customers or specific groups/individuals should get the discount, and who they are.

Usage limits allow you to either specify the maximum number of times the same discount can be redeemed or to limit each customer to only use the discount once – or both.

Active dates allow you to set the period for which the discount is active. The discount will automatically activate on the start date and deactivate on the end date.

Before saving your discount, review the summary card in the top right corner to make sure all the details regarding your discount are correct.

Although a lot of this functionality comes standard with Shopify discounts, it does have its limitations when it comes to managing your promotions. For example, there are no options to bulk manage all your discounts and discounted products won’t be auto-tagged for easy tracking and analytics. All of these and other management and promotional features are baked into our Bulk Discount Manager app, which you can try for free from the official Shopify marketplace.

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