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Back-in-Stock Emails

Best for all store types, use pre-order emails to streamline sales, establish trust, enhance customer experience, and reduce common order inquiries.

Why Use Back-in-Stock Emails?

  • Increased Customer Retention

    By keeping customers informed, you can retain interest and encourage future purchases, all while reducing the likelihood of losing customers to competitors.

  • Automated Sales Opportunities

    Back-in-Stock emails are an easy way to proactively help convert interest into sales without manual effort., ensuring no sales opportunities are missed.

  • Enhanced Inventory Planning

    By tracking customer interest through “Notify Me” sign-ups, you can gauge demand for specific products.

    With data-driven insights you can better plan inventory, avoid overstocking or stockouts and ensure optimal product availability.

How to Setup Back-in-Stock Emails

Read the step-by-step guide here ↗


Enable the Notify Me Feature

Select the products or collection you wish to activate Back-in-Stock emails for.


Email Template and Button Design

All aspects of the Notify Me feature can be customized to suit your brand theme on the setup page.


Set and Forget

The app will now show a “Notify Me” form on out-of-stock products. Allowing customers to be notified as soon as stock arrives.

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