App Features

Pre-Order by Country

Enable pre-order availability by country to tailor inventory management and boost sales by accommodating regional demand.

Why Restrict Pre-Orders by Country?

  • Targeted Market Strategies

    Align your pre-order campaigns with market demand and local marketing strategies, ensuring that you focus on regions where your products have the highest potential.

  • Optimized Shipping and Logistics

    Reduce shipping delays, managing international shipping costs, and ensuring timely delivery to customers in targeted regions, improving overall customer satisfaction.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure your store complies with local laws and regulations by enabling or disabling pre-orders based on the country, minimizing the risk of legal issues and ensuring a smooth operational process.

How to Setup Pre-Orders by Country

Read the step-by-step guide here ↗


Access the Settings Page

Go to Settings. Under App Settings, look for Pre-Order Locations.


Select Eligible Countries

Search and select countries you want to make pre-order available for purchase.


Save and Apply

Test and ensure pre-order products are visible and function as expected to customers in those regions.

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“The pre-order app has allowed us to offer products that might be delayed and are part of an upcoming launch or promotion. This has helped us stick to our marketing plans while still being able to offer new products to our customers.” Company Overview Frances Valentine is a contemporary fashion brand known for its unique…

“The Pre-order manager helps us a lot with inventory management, as we are now using it to help us reorder factories relying on the best selling products. It’s a way for us to not over produce and to not enter into this fast fashion idea that we as a brand don’t want to follow.” Key…

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