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Boost Seasonal Sales with Pre-Orders

Seasonal pre-orders help align inventory with demand, ensuring product availability at the right time. Use this Pre-Order strategy to capture early sales, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance customer satisfaction during peak periods.

Merchant Spotlight:

Avery Row London

Avery Row efficiently utilizes pre-orders to sell its exclusive Christmas products by creating anticipation and managing inventory effectively. By teasing new releases and collaborating with influencers on social media, they generate early demand, ensuring immediate pre-order sales.

This strategy allows them to produce quantities based on actual demand, minimizing waste and preventing stockouts, which enhances customer satisfaction and provides a seamless shopping experience.

Additionally, pre-orders improve Avery Row’s cash flow by securing revenue before products are shipped, supporting production and marketing efforts. Limited-edition releases for Christmas further drive pre-order urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly. This approach not only boosts sales but also ensures that customers receive their desired products in time for the holiday season, making it a successful strategy for both the brand and its customers.

How-to setup
Pre-Orders for Seasonal Sales

Plan Ahead for Seasonal Success

Schedule your seasonal pre-orders well in advance. This not only builds anticipation but also allows you to gauge customer interest, making it easier to adjust your inventory and marketing efforts accordingly.


Schedule Pre-Order Start/End Dates
Automate the timing of your pre-orders to align with your marketing strategy.
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Pre-Order Quantity Limits
Set limits on the number of items available for pre-order to enhance exclusivity.
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Estimated Shipping Date
Provide an estimated shipping date to manage customer expectations.
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Set Clear Pre-Order Terms

Establish and communicate clear pre-order terms, conditions, and delivery dates to meet customer expectations. Assure your customers that they will receive their products on time or even before key dates. This transparency helps prevent misunderstandings and negative reviews, ensuring a smooth and satisfying pre-order experience for your customers.


Pre-Order Terms & Conditions
Display the pre-order terms and conditions when customers add a pre-order item to their cart. Additionally, consider requiring customers to opt-in to these terms before completing their purchase
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Restrict by GEO Location
If relevant, you can also restrict pre-orders to specific geographical locations to optimize shipping logistics and compliance.
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Generate Excitement Around Pre-Orders

Generate excitement for your upcoming seasonal sale by seamlessly integrating pre-orders into your overall marketing strategy. Create dedicated landing pages, offer exclusive discounts, and use seasonal-themed marketing materials to effectively promote your pre-order products, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.


Notify Me Email Alerts
Utilize email alerts to notify customers when pre-orders are available, capturing their interest early.
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Build Hype with Coming Soon
Use “Coming Soon” features to create anticipation and excitement for upcoming pre-orders.
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Pre-Order Discounts: Offer discounts for pre-orders to incentivize early purchases and boost initial sales.
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Pre-Order Calendars: Incorporate pre-order calendars to help customers easily keep track of upcoming seasonal releases and their delivery dates. Learn More

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