How to create discounts without a code on Shopify

Want to create automatic discounts that your customers can enjoy without having to obtain and use a coupon code? 

A Shopify discount without code can help generate more sales, where a discount (either as a fixed value or percentage) is automatically applied at check-out. This is helpful for site-wide sales, especially on mobile devices, and can save some marketing efforts by removing the need to promote a specific code. 

Chuck Mazzone, Digital Marketing Director of Out-of-Print, says that “offering automatic discounts is much more seamless than sending customers discount codes they have to enter manually”. He added, that as purchases made on mobile devices increase, the usability of manually entering a discount code becomes more difficult. Mazzone added, “the real benefit with automatic discounts is that it does the work for the customer and means they have one less thing to worry about.”

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We’re going to guide you through creating a Shoify discount without a code, that can be easily created and managed with the Bulk Discounts Manager app, available in the Shopify app store. 

What’s more, using an app to auto apply discounts in Shopify provides additional features that you won’t find in Shopify’s built-in settings, that prove valuable to customize and promote the discount throughout your online store. 

Auto Apply Discounts In Shopify

Step 1) Add ‘ Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’ to your Shopify apps

Once you’ve logged into your Shopify admin, head to ‘Apps’ in the left-hand menu and search Bulk Discount & Sales Manager app

Click ‘Add app’ and it will appear in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Step 2) Navigate to ‘Bulk Discount & Sales Manager’

Back in your admin section, you’ll find Bulk Discount & Sales Manager. Click on the app and you’ll be taken to your new bulk discount management dashboard. 

Step 3) Create a New Discount Rule

Once you’re in the Bulk Discount & Sales Manager dashboard, go to ‘My Rules’ in the top menu. Click on ‘create rule’ and you’ll be taken to ‘discount rule settings’ where you can customize your new discount. 

This is where you can choose between a fixed value or a percentage discount for your automatic discount… 

Fixed Value Discount: Select ‘discount’, input the value you wish to reduce the price by, and navigate the dropdown to USD. 

Percentage Discount: Select ‘discount’, input the percentage you wish to reduce the price by and navigate the dropdown to %. 

You’ll then get the option to set your chosen discount based on: 

Current price: Discounts will be calculated based on the price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

Compare at price: Discounts will be calculated based on the Compare at Price column of the product. You can refer to this article on how discounts are calculated.

Step 4) Choose what products the discount applies to

This is where you can decide whether to apply discounts to individual products or your entire online store. You’ll get the options to choose from:

  • Products and variants
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Vendors
  • Whole store
  • Advance filter

Use the search bar to navigate through your products and select as many as you would like the discount applied to. 

Step 5) Customize your discount rule

Navigate through the optional settings to customize your discount. Here, you can:

Add a discount period: Choose a start date, end date, and whether you want to repeat the discount 

Add a countdown timer: Create urgency by displaying a Countdown Timer on your product page. Fully customize the timer display to market your discount in line with your brand.

Add discount price rounding: Round your discount to the nearest value.

Add product tags: Display sales badges on products to promote the discount 

Step 6) Check the final details in the summary and click ‘save’

Before finishing up the discount, remember to review all the settings in the bullet point list on the summary card. However, you can always edit the discount again to make changes. Playing around with the options might seem daunting at first, but they are relatively straightforward and you will soon get the hang of it.

Managing Your Discounts

Once you’ve created a new discount, it will show up in one of the lists in the Discounts dashboard. To see your discounts without a code, make sure you are in the “Automatic discounts” tab.

Unfortunately, Shopify’s built-in discount creator does have its limitations, especially when it comes to easily manage your discounts in bulk. Using auto-tagging, the Bulk Discount Manager also makes it easier for customers to find discounted products as well as for you to search and manage for discounted orders. 

For these features, and more, try the Bulk Discount Manager – it’s free!

How to create multiple automatic discounts on Shopify

Now that you’ve got your first Shopify discount without a code all set-up and ready to go, we’re going to run through how you can run multiple automatic discounts on Shopify at the same time. 

There are many reasons that you might want to run multiple automatic discounts on Shopify. Perhaps you are looking to offer leveled pricing tiers on different products, or you might be considering a limited time free shipping offer f in correlation with an sitewide discount. 

Whatever the reason for your multi-discount pricing strategy, we’re going to tell you how you can achieve this. 

Step One: Create another discount rule

Choose the type of discount that you want to create. Here are some of the most popular discounts to get you started: 

  1. Automatic Discount: Follow steps one to six in the previous section 
  2. Buy X Get Y Discount: Follow this step-by-step guide 
  3. Free Gift: Follow this step-by-step guide 
  4. Discount Code: Follow this step-by-step guide 
  5. Free Shipping: Follow this step-by-step guide 

Step Two: Go to your Bulk Discount Manager dashboard

In the left-hand menu in your Shopify admin section, head to Bulk Discount Manager under apps and you’ll be taken to your discount dashboard. Go to ‘My Rules’ in the main menu. 

Step Three: Enable your discounts

Once you’re in ‘My Rules’, you will see an easy-to-view list of all your created discounts. All you have to do to manage your multiple discounts on Shopify is select each discount that you would like to run, and click ‘enable’ in the menu bar. 

Each Shopify automatic discount will now run simultaneously throughout your online store. 

And that’s it! You can now easily offer as many Shopify automatic discounts as you like throughout your online store, managing them all from one, straight-forward dashboard. 

You should be all prepared on how to schedule a sale on Shopify, but if there’s something you’re looking for that we haven’t covered in this article, visit our blog for a full breakdown of how-to guides on how to schedule a sale on Shopify of all types and varieties! 

Benefits of Using Bulk Discount Manager

Creating a Shopify discount without code is a great way to: 

  • Shift old inventory
  • Attract new customers & re-engage existing ones
  • Persuade customers to buy more
  • Drive short-term sales to reach targets during quieter months
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase customer satisfaction

In fact, research by Vericast found that an estimated 60% of consumers are likely to try a new product as a result of a discount, and a further 46% said they’d change their original purchase to benefit from a discount. 

This is only optimized when using a specifically-designed discount management app to auto apply discount codes in Shopify. With Bulk Discounts Manager, you will gain access to a range of additional features, including:

  • 1-Click Bulk Discount Editor: Manage your discounts in a single place, use a toggle button to deactivate any discount you have created, or edit and apply any rule changes within minutes.
  • Clear visibility: No need to open every rule to find a product you need. Take a quick look from the dashboard on the products or collections the rule was applied to.
  • Checkout Label and Sales Badge: Customize your store and promote your discounts by adding a custom checkout label and sales badge to any discounted products.
  • Quantity Remaining and Countdown Timer: Create urgency and display how much stock is remaining for any of your products, or set up a timer to let users know how soon your sales might end.
  • Sales Reports & Analytics Dashboard: Clearly track sales, conversions, and campaign performance for any discounts setup in the app. Export any data for offline analysis.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run multiple discounts at once? 

Yes, you can do this both using Shopify’s built-in settings and using Bulk Discount Manager.
When using Bulk Discount Manager, not only can you run multiple discounts simultaneously, but you can also offer different types of discounts across your products (e.g. Shopify volume discount + free gifts). You can run each discount in conjunction with one another, or limit discounts to one offer per order. 

Can I edit discount settings?

Yes, you can edit discounts manually in Shopify’s built-in settings. However, if you’d prefer an easy-to-use bulk management system, add Bulk Discount & Sales Manager to your apps and you’ll be able to edit your discount settings from one, simple dashboard in the back end of your Shopify store. 

What’s the best discount pricing strategy?

This all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, so it’s important to do some research before launching your discount campaign. 
Shopify’s breakdown of ‘Discount Pricing Strategies and Tactics’ is a great place to start – read all about the top five discount pricing strategies and follow our guides on implementing them, and you’ll start reaping all the benefits of a discount campaign.