Pre-Order Setup Guides

Maximize Sales During Stockouts with Pre-Orders

By managing restocks through pre-orders you can balance supply and demand. Ensuring continuous sales and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Automating your Pre-Order Process

The Amai Pre-Order Manager makes it easy to manage inventory and maintain optimal sales flow. Here are some of the most useful features you can configure in the app to succeed with pre-orders:

Schedule Pre-Order Start/End Dates
Automate the timing of your pre-orders to align with estimated restock dates.
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Pre-Order Quantity Limits
Set limits on the number of items available for pre-order to avoid overselling.
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Notify Me Email Alerts
Utilize email alerts to notify customers when pre-orders are available, capturing their interest early.
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Estimated Shipping Date
Provide an estimated shipping date to manage customer expectations.
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How to Contact Live Support
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Insights from Stores using our App

Discover how stores like yours are thriving with Pre-Orders. Read our insights and case studies below.


Benjamin B. – Director of Ecommerce at Frances Valentine

One best practice I would recommend is always padding your preorder quantities in case any products arrive damaged or are short shipped.

I also recommend using the “coming soon” feature if your products are not expected to arrive at your distribution center within 14 days of launching the preorder. We have found that customers do not want to preorder an item if they have to wait more than two weeks for it.


Karina M. – Design and Online Department at Maison Hotel

We have been informing some of our customers how this actual preorder process works, as is not that common.
Most of them are starting to learn and to understand it better. It actually adds value to our culture as a brand.

I recommend is to be an open book to the client, explain the process and be the most transparent possible but always taking in mind your essence as a brand.


Customer Testimonial – EarthBits

On top of saving us time [the Amai Pre-Order Manager] has also made us a lot more money. If you advertise your products on Facebook you know how important it is to continue selling if you have a great ad. This app has allowed that to be possible.

Discover How Our Apps Empower Merchants to Achieve Growth

Eastwood Guitars, a renowned guitar manufacturer, was able to significantly boost their revenue by implementing pre-order processes. With pre-orders, they were able to secure an additional 20% of store revenue and successfully test and launch new products. Pre-orders also streamlined their deposit collection processes, providing a more efficient and automated system. This case study highlights…

MissionMercantile, a high-end leather goods retailer, found success in implementing a pre-order system to manage their inventory and customer demand. Pre-orders have resulted in an additional 20% of store revenue for MissionMercantile and improved communication with customers by providing back-in-stock dates for popular products. Pre-orders also allow them to keep selling both popular and specialty…

AUTOID, a leading provider of aftermarket automotive parts, faced a significant challenge when COVID-19 caused freight delays and stock shortages, making it difficult to keep up with customer demand. However, the company found a solution in pre-orders, which allowed them to continue selling products while managing inventory more effectively. Pre-orders also shaped AUTOID’s business model,…

Enhance your Pre-Order Strategy and Maximize Sales.

We’re here to help you every step of the way in succeeding with Pre-Orders. Learn more with our Pre-Order Strategy Guides.

Sell Limited-Edition Products with Pre-Orders
Scarcity creates urgency and drives customer action. Compel customers to purchase quickly and ultimately boosting sales with Pre-Order.

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Boost Seasonal Sales with Pre-Orders
Help align inventory with demand, ensuring product availability at the right time. Capture early sales, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance customer satisfaction during peak periods.

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Generate Buzz around New Products with Pre-Orders
Build excitement in customers and drive early sales. Use this Pre-order strategy to gauge customer interest, plan inventory, and create a sense of urgency.

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